1. Where do you reside? 

Maple Shade, New Jersey.

2. What are the Homeschool laws like in your state? 

Homeschool laws are relatively lenient (for now) but yearly reporting of a curriculum is highly recommended.

3. How many children do you homeschool?

I have a two-year-old boy and am planning another baby in the near future.

4. How long have you been on your HS journey? 

I am brand new to hs-ing. My toddler and I currently “learn as we go” via exploring etc. He is a bright little boy.

5. What did you struggle with in the beginning? 

Choosing a curriculum (haven’t chosen one yet), and deciding how to document/organize our work and the right way to allow learning times.

6. What were your reasons to HS? 

Public school was impossibly hard on me, the system indoctrinates, not educates, concerned about sex ed, bullying, shootings (red flags), vaccines/shedders, food, and more.

7. What are your favorite things about Homeschooling? 

Everything. I would not have it another way.

8. How do you manage home life and homeschooling? 

I work part-time while my sons’ dad works full-time and spend as much time engaging with my son as possible.

9. What is your HS style? 

Style? I don’t even know yet!

10. What advice would you give a new homeschool parent or someone thinking about it?  

Not applicable based on where I am on my journey.

Homeschool Interview: The Beginning