As I write this, my 10 year old daughter is in the kitchen making dinner, my toddler is upsetting my six year old by demolishing his blocks and my other girls are listening to music while talking about their favorite books. This is what the end of our day looks like. Sometimes it is more chaotic and sometimes it is more calm.

My point here is that each homeschool family looks different and their approach to learning, as well as the reasons will always be unique to others. I want these interviews to give more insight into state laws, reasoning and the impact homeschooling has on families. It is quite possible that there will not always be positive answers, and that is okay.

I give you my second interview….

1. Where do you reside?

Cincinnati, OH

2. What are the Homeschool laws like in your state?

They are pretty strict between 6-18yrs. Right now we are only just starting our homeschool journey and we will deal with all those requirements (most is tests, forms, structure, and 900hrs required) when we reach that stage.

3. How many children do you homeschool?

Right now 1…and a half. Haha (3.5yr and almost 2yr)

4. How long have you been on your HS journey?

I was homeschooled from 6th and up. But just begining as a teacher/role model to my kids.

5. What did you struggle with in the begining?

How to go about it, what type of structure to achieve

6. What were your reasons to HS?

I had extremely rough experiences with both public school and private school. Not only that, but the information we learn is not even useable in day to day life. I want to teach my children to balance a check book, grow a garden, cook fresh, healthy foods, measure things, convert them into different measurements, learn about sustainable living. Those are important.

7. What are your favorite things about Homeschooling?

The opportunity to give them experiences to learn, adventure, imsgination, instead of taking away all freedom and excitement.

8. How do you manage home life and homeschooling?

Try to incorporate it all together. Though we have a lot of therapies and life is intense already, we don’t overwhelm ourselves and try to make it fun instead of a chore.

9. What is your HS style?

Adventure, excitement, self exploring/imagination, self sustainability.

10. What advice would you give a new homeschool parent or someone thinking about it?

Don’t put yourself down. I do not have a degree in teaching. But I am capable to pass on my knowledge, my experiences and my sense of learning to my kids, that’s all it takes. They learn best from you. They are most comfortable with you. You know your child, what they need, how they learn best, what sparks that adventure. Ask questions. We all start somewhere and you don’t learn by assuming. Be creative, if it’s fun, they will love it.


Homeschool Interview: Learning starts at the very beginning.