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Sharing another Homeschool testimony! With these interviews, you will get to read other opinions and you will learn that not all homeschool families are the same. Read on about what Sarah thinks of homeschooling her little ones.


1. Where do you reside? 

Currently in Virginia

2. What are the Homeschool laws like in your state? 

Not too many hoops to jump through but we did opt for RE (religious exemption) so it is a bit different.

3. How many children do you homeschool? 

Currently two

4. How long have you been on your HS journey?  

Not very long.. my first started doing workbooks and writing/basic reading at two years old now he’s almost 6, so 4 years approximately.

5. What did you struggle with in the beginning? 

Having the idea of how I wanted homeschooling to go compared to what is/was actually happening.

6. What were your reasons to HS? 

-Because I never got the opportunity to be homeschooled.

-Our society as a whole is undereducated.

-Life skills are no longer a priority at public schools..testing is…

-By the age of 10 kids no longer look up to their parents but to their peers and teachers.. that scares me silly.


-Because we’ve never chosen the ‘normal’ way of life…

7. What are your favorite things about Homeschooling? 

Not getting up to toss them onto a bus or drive them to school early… I’m so not a morning person.

The freedom to choose and do practically whatever, everything can be a learning experience.

8. How do you manage home life and homeschooling? 

Easily… I don’t separate the two. Life and learning should be hand and hand.

9. What is your HS style?

A little bit of everything.. still too early to find that perfect combination. We do online classes, workbooks, free schooling, unschooling etc. Kind of the fly by the seat of your pants kind of teacher which makes things fun.

10. What advice would you give a new homeschool parent or someone thinking about it?

It’s intimidating, it’s scary, it’s downright pull out your hair frustrating, it’s literally being the molder of one’s learning/thinking skills but….it’s absolutely worth it, it’s amazing, it’s watching the light bulb turn on, it’s having a deeper connection with your kids, it’s the very essence of nurturing them into thinkers and into questioning everything. It’s being their cheerleader when they take on the world one day.


Homeschool Interview: It’s intimidating, it’s scary, it’s downright pull-out your hair frustrating…