1. Where do you reside?

North Carolina

2. What are the Homeschool laws like in your state? 

I think our laws are fairly good my husband knows the laws a bit better.

3. How many children do you homeschool?


4. How long have you been on your HS journey? 

This is year two.

5. What did you struggle with in the beginning?

The transition from public school thinking.

6. What were your reasons to HS?

Control of education more learning helping with special needs less pressure and stress for the whole family.

7. What are your favorite things about Homeschooling? 

Freedom flexibility

8. How do you manage home life and homeschooling? 

We incorporate it and we work around things everyone helps.

9. What is your HS style? 

We like structure so we use a curriculum and meet together one day a week all day that gives us a guideline.

10. What advice would you give a new homeschool parent or someone thinking about it?

  Have patience life is learning everyone is different.

Homeschool Interview: Freedom and Flexibility