My First Homeschool Interview

This is so exciting. I will be sharing an amazing interview with you today. A homeschooling Mom who has learned to truly embrace the real meaning of learning. I chose her first because she honestly says what I feel best. I relate with her so much! I can only hope that this interview enlightens another homeschool Mom and Dad.

The Interview Questions

1. Where do you reside?
Woonsocket, RI2. What are the homeschool laws like in your state?

    The laws are fairly strict in comparison to other states. Each district within the state also has its own regulations. Ironically, our city, which is one of the lowest performing public school systems in the state (and highest dropout rates), has some of the strictest regulations.

3. How many children do you homeschool?
    I currently homeschool three children. Our 18 year old just finished/graduated in June. Though she still participates in our discussions and activities when she is home.4. How long have you been on your HS journey?We’ve been homeschooling for 5 years.

5. What did you struggle with in the beginning?
    Basically, I struggled with my fears of being capable and if my children would fall behind.6. What were your reasons to homeschool?
Two of my children were asking me to homeschool. They were both having a negative experience at public school. I did a lot of research and thought we could do better than the schools.  My belief that we could give them an awesome experience, coupled with some dangerous scenarios at our public school as well as the schools falling short of what our children needed academically were the final straws. We decided to give it a try.7. What are your favorite things about homeschooling?
What’s not to love? I love everything. I love the whole life/learning experience. I love that we are learning together. I love that my children are experience education as life, not a part of life.

8. How do you manage home life and homeschooling?
    For us, there is no difference. Home life is homeschooling and vice versa. We live and learn together, as a family, 24/7 365 days a year.
9. What is your homeschool style? 
This one is hard for me to label. We lean towards being what is known as “unschoolers”. Yet, we don’t really fit that model either. We do have some structure. We are a lot like a one room school house, where the kids of all ages learn together at their own pace and according to their understanding/age level.  The only subjects we do separately are math, foreign language, and reading.
10. What advice would you give a new homeschool parent or someone thinking about it?

      RELAX!!!!!!!!!! Enjoy the journey. You can do more in an hour than the schools can do in 6. Do not try to replicate the school’s process in your home. What’s the point of homeschooling if you do that? Be secure in what works for your family. Each child will have different styles and needs. Allow them to explore the way that works for them. You will learn as much as they do.  Embrace that! Be open minded. Enjoy every minute. It’s a journey. And adventure. If you keep it fun, and free flowing it will foster a life long love of learning. That said, there is more than one way. If you need more a regimented program, great. The world would be so boring if we were all the same. It’s a big world. There’s room for all of us. When we respect and encourage each other, we all win.

I’ve included a few of our homeschool pics. They look a lot like life, because that’s how we do it!

Thank you!!!


 To keep up with this wonderful Homeschool family, visit their website Ecole De Vie. Meaning, School of Life.


Homeschool Interview: Ecole De Vie