If you’re a Mom you should read this.

Hey Mamas! If you didn't see my last post about Sweetie Pie, I am a seasonal ambassador. Some of you were asking me how you could get on this amazing program. Well, a new cycle is open for you to apply! Are you on social media a lot? Are you a blogger? All you have … Continue reading If you’re a Mom you should read this.

Valentine Cards with Magic Stix

It's almost that annoying day again! Yes, I said it. I really don't care for Valentine's Day. However, my children absolutely love it and I am not about to break their hearts by not celebrating it. They love to show their affection and that is something I cherish about them.  Valentine's is not a romantic … Continue reading Valentine Cards with Magic Stix

Charcoal Face Cleanser & Aloe Vera Moisturizer Review

"Revive pores and remove impurities with a blend of organic extracts and powerful bacteria-fighting agents. A non-abrasive formula that exfoliates on a cellular level. Unveil a brighter you as you cleanse and gently exfoliate in one step."

Natural Health: Oxylent Supplements

Discover what natural is all about! Supplements for the whole family.

Book Review: Nellie Nova’s Summer on the Run

Come see what Nellie Nova is up to this time. She is a homeschool girl on a mission.