Disorganized Thoughts

Hey there!

Gosh, it’s been so long since my last post. I have been on a much needed break. It wasn’t planned, however, it was much needed. Now I feel like it’s time to get back into writing and helping others.

So begins a new journey. I have done quite a lot of thinking and figuring some things out since I have been away. From homeschooling and how I’d like to truly approach my children’s life now, to what is best for myself as a Mother. I have asked myself many times if I should discontinue writing on my blog.

Sometimes I feel like it isn’t doing any good for anyone. As much as I love to write, it seems like it is only feeding that desire. When I started this page, my main goal was to share our homeschool journey, to help others see that it isn’t about what is in a book. I don’t feel like I have accomplished that.

I rarely have the time to organize and record everything we do. To be honest, some days there is nothing to note and share with you. True learning moments aren’t always noticed at first. It’s when they are having a conversation with me and I notice a certain word I’ve never heard them use. AND they know how to use it properly! There are many moments like that I don’t think to write about. Those quick and amazing moments don’t get captured with my camera.

As a Mother, it’s difficult to find time to do things you enjoy for yourself. Even the simplest of hobbies like reading. Which I may add, I love! I have reached the point of giving up on having time and enjoyment for myself. I’m fighting that within me because I am trying so hard to be a good Mother on top of it all. Moms deserve time and enjoyment. Sometimes even that isn’t so simple.

So, while I am re-evaluating what I truly want this blog to be about and how I want to become an even better Mother, I’ll just do my best at sharing and helping others. Soon I will have a few reviews to share with you. I am very much behind and will probably take my time getting it all done properly.

❤ Jess


Celebrating My 100th Post on WordPress!

Hey Hey!


My son and I. Yes we are weird. I love him! Lol

I was a bit surprised when I logged in the other day and saw I had 99 posts! Really though, I have written many more prior to WordPress. I just did some deleting of really old posts. Still, how exciting! This is my 100th post and I wanted to brag a little. I also wanted to shout a big THANK YOU to all of my readers. So thanks!

A few years ago, when I decided to start a blog, I wanted it more for a journal. A way to keep track of all the things I do with my children. It was not always easy and I did not get to share as much as I would have liked. Eventually, this blog blossomed into helpful reviews, some tips on different methods of homeschooling and really, just my experience as a homeschool…now unschooling Mother.

There is still so much I want to write and express. One day I may have more time to spare for writing. Those will be sad days. Why? Because that means my tater tots will be spuds! Yes, I referred to my children as potatoes! One day when they are grown I will probably have more time to share my experiences, opinions and just love of writing. By then I just may be a pro!

Life is full of hurdles, accomplishments, frustration, challenges, and Joyousness. It all makes a person stronger in character and each day is a gift to be treasured.

Back to the celebration. I thought I needed a way to share more about myself. Get a little personal. This way you can see I’m just a real human, Mother, wife and daughter. Below I have posted some questions and tidbits that I have been asked before.

Check them out 👇

  • How long have you homeschooled your kids?

Well, if you count the time when I pulled my girls out of public school for good, then that would be nearly 6 years next January. I have sorta lost track of the time. Best thing I ever did for my kids.

  • Do you feel judgment when it comes to the way you parent and the fact that you chose to have your children home educated?

I definitely use to! The hardest thing was hearing that my kids would become too isolated or coddled. That they’d never experience real life at home. That is further from the truth. They learn more about life at home, just with me. As far as socialization, I believe they have quality socialization. The fact that they get to be around people of all ages is extremely important. I do the best I can for them and I think that is enough at the end of the day. As far as my parenting goes, I am judged at times but that is okay. 🙂

  • You make it look so easy! Is homeschooling difficult and how do you manage it all every day?

Oh my goodness! I cannot believe that someone actually thinks I make it look easy. That is what I thought when asked this. Anything you see on social media and the web isn’t 100 percent. I don’t share every single moment because I just don’t have the time. I probably should share a few bad days. That is just it though, who wants everyone to see their messy side?

To answer the question though, YES it definitely is difficult. Mostly for myself, not for the kiddos. One must really change their mindset when learning to homeschool. I started out with public school ideas. That is the opposite of what one should do. Get AWAY from that. I can go on and on but the most important thing to know is that your kids will learn at home just like they learned other things at home.

By the way, I do not always manage it all every day. If I can’t, then I save it for another day 🙂

  • What do you like to do for fun? Do you have any hobbies outside of the home?

I do everything with my kids. We read, cook, bake, grocery shop, fight, watch tv, sew, craft and anything else together. Nope, I do not have any hobbies outside of my home. I am perfectly fine with that right now. One day when my kids are grown I will take up some hobby. I know then I will be bored and need to learn something haha. I will take in every moment with my kids as long as I can!

Last question…

  • Do you ever feel like giving up?

YES. However, I will never! I am a Mom and that is not allowed 🙂


That was fun! I really enjoy sharing some things about me. Do you have something you would like to ask me? Post it in the comments below and I will do my best to answer. Thanks again for reading and all of your support.



Mom’s Journal: My Reflections put into Actions.

Hey Hey!

Today, I want to continue talking about reflection. In my last post, Mom’s Journal: A Moment of Reflection, I talked about how it was important to reflect each day. I was open and honest about how I am not always proactive in reflecting. I also mentioned that I will be taking further action to do so.

I have made a small list of actions I will take while reflecting on a day to day life. I truly believe this will help me stay positive and it will show my children how to manage their lives emotionally and physically as well.



1. Reading: This is something that really helps clear my head and give me some downtime. Normally, I will have to wait until night time. I love reading mystery novels but I also enjoy something that will teach me something new. I also have tried devotionals and they have helped bring me understanding about myself and life.

2. Writing: Writing is one of my favorite things to do and which I have the least amount of time for. I use to even keep a journal. When I have an idea about something to share, other than homeschool and reviews, I blog about it. If I believe it will be helpful to others. Writing also has helped me release stress. My goal is to make more time for writing and make it a career.

3. Creativity: I absolutely love getting creative! I don’t always have the biggest imagination, so I head to Pinterest or Google for ideas. When I was younger I did a lot of letter Art. I would make my name fancy and my notebooks would be full of calligraphy. I also like painting, coloring, drawing and making crafts with the kiddos. Being creative has been on the back burner much of this year. I think it is time to bring it back out and enjoy this as a time of reflection.

4. Crocheting: I usually save crocheting for the cold season. The winter is for staying cuddled and warm on the couch. This way I can keep my hands busy and stay warm! I love crocheting because it is pretty relaxing and rewarding. I can use this time to think as well. Just as long as my little tater tot lets me!

5. Talking to my husband or friend: It is pretty important to have someone to talk to. Someone who will listen more than tries to tell you how you should act, think and feel. Sometimes, saying it all out loud is very helpful. When I hear my words I can make better sense of them. It is like being recorded. You don’t realize how good or bad you sound until you hear yourself out loud. Does any of this make a bit of sense? Even so, it is helpful to let all the words out, letting the fall upon ears that you can trust.

You can read quotes and books all day but it doesn’t mean a thing unless you want it to. You have to really want to make your life better. That goes for any circumstance. -Jess

So, these are a few things I will be focusing on the rest of the year. I do hope I can stick to at least one or two. Life can be so busy taking care of everyone else. It is easy to forget about myself. As a Mother, I need to have these moments to myself. I need to do things that make me calm and happy.

How about you? Do you need more time for you? Have you made time yet? What advice would you give Mother’s like myself? Please let me know in the comments!

❤ Jess


Mom’s Journal: A Moment of Reflection

I have been thinking quite a bit the past few months. To be honest, mostly the last few days. Reflecting about positivity. I say all the time that it is important to stay positive. But, am I actually doing so? Sometimes I’m not so sure.

You can read quotes and books all day but it doesn’t mean a thing unless you want it to. You have to really want to make your life better. That goes for any circumstance.

I’ve decided that I will proceed by reflecting each day. However, I will be adding actions to my reflections, daily. I have 5 children, who count on me and depend on me. They learn the good and the bad habits that I show them each day.

This is something I will be encouraging my children to do each day as well. Time of reflection, discussing the good and the bad, how we feel and what those feelings mean. It’s time to put the devices down and start communicating emotionally and physically.

Showing emotions is hard for some. For me, I sometimes cannot control them. It took me many years to figure it out. Now I have a daughter struggling with it. It’s time for change.

All this will create better attitudes, uplifted moods, and wisdom. Each day will get better in time.

How do you stay positive? Do you have moments of reflection alone, keep a journal, read a Bible? Maybe even listen to audiobooks?

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this. Tell me in the comment section below!


Hello World

Hey hey!

I have been taking a break from blogging. Life was getting to be a little much in combination with keeping up my blog. It was starting to really give me anxiety.

Too much overwhelm is so bad for you. I decided to focus more on the home life and probably spent too much time on Facebook. Lol

New things are coming and I’m working on a more positive outlook on life. Working on myself will help me be the Mother I need to be. Homeschool and parenting is not easy and there will always be times that I need to just stop the extra crazy and take a break.

Does life get overwhelming for you? Do you think about all that must be done and think that you just can’t do it anymore? We don’t want to get to that point. It is so important to take a break. However long it may be.

When is the last time you took some time for yourself?

Today, my daughter helped with dinner and all the kids cleaned up. That was a nice break. When my toddler finally napped, I had a shower, painted my nails and just relaxed.

Even the smallest things can help you recharge. So let’s recharge together. Tell me what you do that helps Super Mom keep, keeping on!

Mom’s Journal: That One Simple Word

Just say No…

Do people consider you a nice person? Someone whom they can rely on and go to whenever times are tough? Does Sally come to you often about her problems and always asking you for a favor? What do you usually say? “Oh sure Sally, I can give you a cup of sugar” or “Yes Sally, I would be glad to host that online party for you.” People tend to take advantage of you because you just can’t say no. Knowingly or not, it’s happening and it can really cause some major stress in your daily life.

Don’t you ever get sick of saying YES all of the time? I sure do! Not because I don’t want to help people. I love helping people. That is what I do! Sometimes, I have to just say NO. No, I have some pretty important things to take care of right now. This has been on my mind lately and I thought, what the heck? Maybe some people will relate to it.

So, I am going to attempt to give you my reason’s to say NO, all while not feeling bad about.


I just don’t want to!


It is totally okay not to want to do something. If you have no interest in an outing with a friend (you may be a homebody like me) or possibly no interest in a certain product someone wants you to try/buy. You cannot be honest if there is no interest there right? This can go so many ways but I am sure you get what I am saying.

I have enough on my plate.


Do you have a lot going on in your family? I know having my five kids is quite a lot most days. That includes my adorable teething six month old bundle. Half the time my hair doesn’t get brushed. I could go on but that’ll have to wait for another post!

The point is, say NO, I just have too much going on right now. It is okay! If they take offense, then guess what? You don’t need that. One less person to please. Good riddance! So, don’t take on more than you need to. Family and your happiness comes first!

It really isn’t the end of the world either. Most people will understand and not take any negativity from it. Just be kind and be honest. In the end you’ll feel better for it.

I asked a few friends on Facebook about what they would say. Here are a few responses that may work for you:

“I’m sorry. I currently spend most of my time schooling my children and running my business. That’s where I have to focus my precious time right now.”


“NO, thank you. I’m focusing on something else right now. So I’m afraid that I won’t be able to spend the right amount of attention on what you’re asking me to do. Please ask me again another time or I will come to you when my schedule isn’t so busy.”

Do you use this one? I know I have!

” I always say I have to ask my husband then tell them he said no.”


I would say no if it was something which went against my beliefs. If I didn’t feel comfortable in a situation.”


Do you have a nice response to add? Comment below and share!


3 of the Best Ways Homeschool Mom’s can Relax and why they Should.

I have learned after a few years of homeschooling that I really need to take the time to relax. I mean, as a Mother alone, it is hard work. Add 5 children’s education to the mix and you have one stressed Mama! Homeschooling with a toddler also has many challenges. So, I have been working on learning to relax more. You would think this would be easy but let me tell you, it is not. Mama, we have to take the time to relax, not just for ourselves but for our families.

I made myself a list of simple ways I can relax and that does not take too much time. I don’t have much of it these days! I chose my top 3 to share with you today. Are you ready?



Be more mindful throughout your day. Try focusing on one important task or activity. This allows you to let go of other obligations for a time. Once you give all of your attention to that one thing, your body is able to release unwanted stress and anxiety. There is always tomorrow to finish that to-do list. It is all about balancing your mind and taking control of what bogs you down. To be totally honest, I am still working on this one.

Diffuse Lavender Essential Oil


I highly recommend diffusing oils for many things. For stress, lavender essential oil is amazing. If you have a diffuser, you should always have this oil on hand. However, if you do not, you can use a carrier oil and add the lavender to it. Apply it to your temples and wrists. When you breathe in this oil it will calm your body and help you relax. It is also great for headaches!

***Please be sure you know the safety of oil usage or seek a professional. Especially around babies and children. You can find more information by clicking here.***

Oh and I forgot to mention lavender tea! Have you a cup to calm your nerves.

Get Active: Walk, Run & Dance!

Sitting in front of a computer or standing for long hours can be draining. So can running after a toddler and helping four kids with their busy work! Oh and let’s not forget all those daily chores that tend to pile up quickly.

Just leave it be. Stop what you are doing and go for a walk. Maybe even turn on your favorite music and get jiggy with it! I’m totally serious. Getting your blood pumping will release those happy hormones and guess what else happens? You are much more relaxed and happy.

My kids love to join in. We are big on music around here. It is what motivates and relaxes us.

If you are lucky enough to get away for an hour to run, that is even better. We all need some time to recharge. Especially us homeschool Mom’s!

Why you should take my advice…

Well, because I’ve been there and I really wished someone would have reminded me. I spent countless days and months stressing over so many small things. It did no good. In fact, I was making life harder for my family.

I wasn’t taking care of me. I still have a lot of training to do on myself. We deserve to take time to relax and feel good. This helps us focus on the positive and motivates us to keep going. I honestly get so excited to learn and griw with my children.

When I finally remember to relax, whatever that may be at the time, I feel like Super Mom again.

I hope this serves as a positive reminder to love yourself enough and take the time to relax.


Before you go try some of my tips, do you have any to add?

What are some things that help you relax and recharge?