Charcoal Face Cleanser & Aloe Vera Moisturizer Review

Good afternoon my friends.

I am here to share another skincare review. I love these kind because my skin health is important to me. I am getting older and it is on my mind more then it use to be.Getting some fine lines and my eyes seem to always look tired. It is to be expected with a baby tot right? 

As a teen, I had moderate acne. Which was normal I suppose. Now that I have educated myself a bit on some aspects of health, I know that I must take care of what’s on the inside before it will start to show on the outside. However, skin care is very important.There is such a thing as washing too frequently because it strips the skin of natural oils.
Our skin absorbs everything that it comes in contact with. We are basically sponges lol. 

(Charcoal Face Mask fun)

It is very important how we treat it. It is impossible to be perfect and I am definitely not. I limit the amount of toxins I put on my skin and in my body the best I can. Which finally leads me to this review!

Have you had trouble finding a face wash and moisturizer that worked? Some washes are really drying because of the alcohol and harmful ingredients that are in them. A lot of moisturizers leave a bad oily residue that can cause acne breakouts and rashes. I have been through this. No fun! These other brands, which you will usually find at stores like Walmart, are doing more harm than good. 


Charcoal Face Wash by Simple Man

“Revive pores and remove impurities with a blend of organic extracts and powerful bacteria-fighting agents. A non-abrasive formula that exfoliates on a cellular level. Unveil a brighter you as you cleanse and gently exfoliate in one step.”

I’ve never used any of their products before. I was a little nervous about trying because I have sensitive skin.

Let me say that, yes these products are marketed towards men. However, many women use Simple Man soaps, washes, etc. Both myself and my husband have been sharing this charcoal face wash. 

The husband says, “Hey, I really like that stuff. Where did you get it?” I then tell him its for a product review and I am testimg it out. Well, that was an easy review for him! I had to tell him that women can use Simple Man products as well. I’m not sure he liked that. Probably because he didn’t want to share.

I said I love it! Why? 
One, let’s start with the scent. Not too powerful and chemically. I love the way it smells. Just a tad fruity but not over-powering. 

Second, you do not need much to wash. A dime sized amount is all you need.

Third, it does not dry out my skin! You know how harsh winter is on the skin. It has been an unusually cold winter for us in Georgia. My face and hands get the driest. Hand washing has been dreadfully rough on my skin. So, this is a plus. Remember what I said about ingredients?

Fourth, the charcoal that is in the face wash has helped heal a few of my imperfections. If you don’t know, charcoal helps with pulling toxins and impurities out of the body. It has many, many uses. I use it for my teeth, face, and much more. 

Pomegranate Moisturizer 

-“Condition and hydrate the skin in the most natural ways. A soothing formula that leaves the skin with a velvet touch. This naturally infused blend is inspired by skin-loving Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Aloe Leaf, Organic Jojoba Oil, & Bergamot Oil.”

Our skin needs to stay hydrated. It is so important to use a healthy moisturizer daily. Like I said before, we are like sponges, if we don’t keep the skim hydrated it dries up, flakes, peels and can cause aging to accelerate. 

What I love about this moisturizer…

You only need a pearl sized amount to apply all over face and neck. Its creamy, light on the skin and the smell is delicate. The most important thing for me is that it is not greasy. I don’t feel like my face is heavy with makeup. I have not had a breakout or a rash. I have used this once a day so far. My skin feels very smooth and I am very happy with my clear skin.

Overall, I give this product a 100! Seriously, not one issue arised. In fact, it has helped hydrate my skin. I love everything about it. The only problem I’m having is sharing it! 😄

After less thane one week of use.

What do you think? Would you give it a try?

The lovely lady that sells this product can help you! Contact Eleny today for more information, questions or samples. She also sent me a sample of their body balm and I loved it as well. Dry hands no more. That one is on my next list.

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Check out Eleny’s website here and join Facebook her group here, so you don’t miss out on giveaways, discounts and more!


Featured Entrepreneur: Art by Mel G.

Good afternoon, good evening and good night. Whichever time this happens to post on your side of the world!

It is finally that time again. My featured entrepreneur of December is Melanie from Art By Mel G<–Facebook. She is sweet, sassy, motivated and extremely artistic! She also happens to be a very dear friend of mine. I am truly honored to be featuring her business today. 

I asked her a few questions so that you can all get to know her better. Have a look!

1. Where are you from and what is life like on your side of the tracks?

Hey! I am Melanie, I am 26 and I reside in London, Ontario Canada. I am the owner and artist of Art by Mel.G. A commission based business where I focus on custom portraits, pet portraits and landscapes. My home is busy and crazy! There are 6 adults, and 5 pets… Yes we all fit in 1000 Square feet =)

My life is all art and family! We are constantly going and never seem to stop. Most days I wish life would slow down, truth is, I would not have it any other way!

2. What is your passion?

My passion is art! From a young age I started to colour, paint, draw etc. I took all the art courses I could in high school and moved on to study further in college, graduating with a BA in Fine Art. I knew this was my calling and I opened Art by Mel.G in November of 2012.

3. What is one thing that helps you stay motivated on those tough days/moments?

This is a good question! I have always been one to tell myself to just keep pushing… I am my motivation. On my worst of days, when nothing seems to work, I have an amazing support system at home who push me to do better daily.

4.What is something you loved doing as a child? And now as an adult?

Animals and Art… Nothing with that has changed! I mentioned I have 5 pets right?? and that I am a Freelance Artist???

5. Where is your favorite place to travel to?

I have never been much of a traveler, but there are many places I would love to go. Italy and England are my top 2. Ireland is also on my bucket list.

6. Do you have a favorite quote? 

Ah… My favourite quote takes me back my country roots… Who am I kidding I am a city girl =) My favourite quote does come from a country singer though.. Ms. Dolly Parton.

The magic is in you, there ain’t no crystal ball. By Dolly PartonClick to Tweet

7. What is your biggest fear?

My biggest fear… Hmmm that is a good one. If you were to ask my family, they say I am fearful of everything.

I would say my number one fear is never being successful in life. 

8. Do you have a routine that helps you get your day going?

I take things day by day, but I do try and begin work between 7 and 9 am. It really just depends on what I need to get done that day.

9. Who is your biggest supporter?

My whole family is a great support, but I would have to say my partner Adam is. He is amazing.

10. Lastly, what is the most challenging thing about your business and how do you overcome it?

The most challenging thing about my business is pricing, and knowing my worth. I have learnt recently that you need to know your worth to run a successful business. I have gotten over this … bump you may call it, and have taken the steps I need to improve in this area of my business.

Isn’t she the best? I love her answers and it really helped me understand who she is. We could all learn a few things from Melanie! Be sure to comment below and congratulate her.

You can visit her website for pricing and photos here at Art By Mel G. Be sure to follow her blog to show her your support!

Copyright 2017 by Art by Mel. G

Jessica is A Liebster Award Nominee

First, I want to give a huge thank you to Petite Pepper. Girl, thank you! I am truly honored and excited to be nominated. Susan is a Mom lifestyle blogger. She loves wine, shopping and most of all her sweet little girl. She talks about pregnancy, the toddler years and much more. Get to know her better on her blog Petite Pepper! I absolutely love her blogging style.

I think this is a great opportunity for bloggers like myself. I love writing and sharing what I love with you (my readers). It is also nice to write something a bit different than normal. Stick around for the rules and my nominees below.

The Rules

“The award is a way to be discovered but also to connect and support the blogging community. A great idea in promoting your own blog and others. Originally it was given out to blogs with less than 2000 readers but this has slowly lowered as the reward has gained popularity. It is now only 200 readers or less.” – The Global Aussie

  • Give a shoutOut to the blogger who nominated you, share the love by linking back to their blog
  • Share some random facts about yourself
  • Nominate 5 or more bloggers who you feel deserve this award & who have less than 200 followers
  • Answer questions posted by the person who nominated you & ask your nominees to answer questions
  • Comment on my original post letting me know you’ve accepted your nomination & leave a comment on  Global Aussie blog post about the Liebster Award 2017 letting him know you have received a nomination.
  • Have fun, this is a great way to get your blog out there, discover new blogs and help other bloggers out.

 Random Facts About Me

  • I am a highly sensitive person. More times than not, I can feel what others are feeling. This is emotionally draining.
  • I love horror flicks but it has been years since I have watched one. Since having kids, I don’t find much time for it. I still have my Disney movies 🙂
  • When I was in school I loathed writing! Now that I am an adult, I enjoy it and have learned a lot more now, than I ever have in a public school.
  • I also love reading, drawing and coloring. I am a kid at heart ❤
  • I was born in California and now I am from Georgia. I am a peach through n through 😀
  • I started my big family in 2005 with the birth of my first baby girl. I was 19.
  • One of my dreams is to ride in a hot hair balloon. I have had that one since I was a tiny tot.
  • Growing up, most people thought my Mom was my sister. It wasn’t that funny then but it is now.

Questions For Me

Name the top 3 most beautiful beaches you have ever visited.

~Well, I can tell you some that I would love to visit. Here in Georgia, I would like to check out Tybee Island. Many of my peers have been. I have been to a few in California. San diego area to be exact. I cannot remember the name of the beach. It has been over a decade since I have been there. I have also been to Myrtle Beach in South Carolina. I would say that one was my favorite!

What is your favorite post from your blog and why?

~I have many favorites. Is that bad? If I had to choose it would be Imagination Comes from Her Soul. I love it because I share my beautiful daughters talent. She is an amazing young writer. Of course, I am very proud and love to brag on her. I hope you have a look.

What makes you laugh out loud?

~The first thing to come to mind when I read this question was, my kids. They truly crack me up. They say the funniest things. Out of the mouth’s of babes right? 

If you could only take 1 more trip, where would you go and why?

~That is a hard one. I want to see so many places! I have always wanted to visit Ireland. I did a research paper about it and have wanted to visit a pub ever since haha. Plus, I have heard the scenery is beautiful and there is less pollution. 

What is the greatest thing that has happened to you this month?

~Honestly, not the best month. It has been stressful. To stay positive, I would say that surviving nights of a teething baby and days of homeschool is a huge win! I am a happy Mother and am truly blessed.

How do you start your day?

~The first thing I do is get breakfast going, clean up and then start our school day. Hopefully that goes well with my 9 month old. My day can either run easy and smooth or be a total flop. There is no in-between.  Not very exciting but it’s my Mom life 🙂

Why did you start your blog? Where do you see it a year from now?

~I noticed a friend of mine had a blog. She shared her posts on Facebook and that got me interested. It looked pretty fun. I love to write and thought it would be neat to give it a try. I started sharing crafts I did with the kids. Eventually it evolved into homeschool, product reviews and now I have added entrepreneurs and networking. In a year, I hope to see that it has grown a bit. I also want to have my own domain site by then. Being a busy Mama, it is hard to tell what will happen in a year. 

How do you spend a rainy day?

~First I want to say, I love rainy days! I love to read a good book or catch up on some shows on Netflix…all with a nice cup of creamy hot coffee. In the summer the kids and I like to go play in it!

Name 3 qualities that describe you?

~I would say that I am caring, compassionate and good at reading people. 🙂

Best advice you’ve ever gotten.

~”Don’t take this day or moment for granted. For one day it will be your last.” If you lose sight of each precious moment, you just might regret that. With my first baby I wished for the days to go by. I couldn’t wait for her to walk and then I couldn’t wait until she was potty trained. On an on I went wishing the days away. I highly regret that. She will be 13 next year. Where did the time go?

My Beautiful Nominees

Deni from You Said There Would Be Pie

Angela from Mom’s Coffee is Cold

Maren from We Do What Work’s

Odalys from E.L. Lane Writer

Christina from All Things Precious Creations

Karli from Too Hot To Be A Grandma

Melissa from Mom’s Coffee Shop

Gypsy from Sincerely Gypsy

  • I personally know these ladies (on facebook) and they are some amazing writers and women. I am happy and excited to nominate them. They all deserve it!

Questions For My Nominees

  • What gives you inspiration to write?
  • Why did you start your blog?
  • What makes you the most happy?
  • What is your favorite dish?
  • Name 3 qualities that describe you.
  • Would you ever travel the world in a camper van?
  • Have you ever been in love?
  • What makes you laugh out loud?
  • What is the best advice you would give other?
  • What makes you feel most grateful about life?

Follow Up with Me

Let me know if you will accept your nomination by commenting with your link to your post. I am very interested in reading your responses as well!

If you have any questions on accepting the Liebster Award, Global Aussie is fantastic resource on steps to follow. You also want to make sure and comment on his post letting him know you’ve been nominated.

I want to thank Susan aka Petite Pepper for this wonderful opportunity. I am truly honored and I have had so much fun with this!

Don’t forget to leave a comment letting me know you have accepted your nomination. Thanks for stopping by.

❤ Jessica

Fairytale Pillows by Amy


It is time to announce my next featured entrepreneur! She is sweet, spunky, kind and very talented. She has a big heart and a huge passion for what she does. Her name is Amy Breen and she will be sharing all about herself by answering the questions below.

Tell us a little about you.


I am a 36 year old mom to a beautiful 7 year old girl, a wife of 10 years to a really good man (17 all together) and a proud cancer survivor of 3 years! I had worked in the medical field for 15 years until April of 2014 when I was diagnosed. Im hanging in there but everything has changed. I’m not the same person I used to be and I never will be. I was left unable to physically work. Not as fun as you’d imagine. At the beginning of this year with a lot of nudging from my friends I started a little business that I run from my house and I hand-make all my inventory. Things are starting to finally look up after a couple of really bad years.


Where are you from?


I was born in Bellingham, Massachusetts. My parents divorced when I was 8 and I moved with my Mom and little brother to Rhode Island and my Dad and older brother moved to Florida. It was tough but has made our bond that much closer. I’m happy to say my brothers are my best friends. Even if they don’t know it!



I met my husband while working at the 99 Restaurant when I was just a freshmen in college. He was a cook and I was a waitress. We connected from the moment we met and have so much in common while being completely opposite of each other! It’s been 17 challenging years that I wouldn’t change for anything! We got married in May of 2007, welcomed our first fur baby Rocco a year later. Then a year after that we were blessed with our Leah May. Thankfully prior to my diagnosis and infertility due to radiation treatment. She is the light of our lives, the reason I breathe.

What are your hobbies?


I’ve always been a big reader! I love a real book as opposed to a kindle etc. I love to write. I’ve been journaling since I was 13, and started a special one when I found out I had Cancer. It was Ironic because I was running a Surgical Oncology office. I already knew too much! Anyway, I also really enjoy drawing and sketching! After a few lessons from a friend I started teaching myself! Also sewing has always been a big hobby of mine! Ever since I can remember I was making anything out of a bag of random fabrics my Mom had. Who knew it would come in so handy! One last one, which a lot of people find surprising! I practice Martial Arts with my daughter and we are both green belts! We are not stopping, we will get our black belts one day!

What is your passion?


My passion is love. I love everything about it! It drives me in almost everything I do! My heart and soul go into everything I do and make! I’m far from perfect but I was taught respect as a little girl and to treat others as you want to be treated. Seems to be working!

What is your business?


My business name is Fairytale Pillows by Amy. I hand make Toothfairy pillows for children. They come personalized by the customer and have a little pocket to put the tooth in! I also make throw pillows, ring bearer pillows and take custom orders. I absolutely love what I do!

What is your reason, your why, for your business?

My why is my little family. We’ve been through so much together and always seem to come out stronger. My girl kept me going when I was really sick, she gave me a reason to fight. My husband, without complaining, works 7 days a week, 2 jobs, because I can’t work. I’m so grateful for them both! I don’t know what I’d do without them. I want to contribute and my little business is a start. To sum it up, last week, I bought my daughter some fabric she was begging for when I was shopping. It was on sale and I just couldn’t say no. When we get home she comes over to me and says “Mommy, can you teach me how to make a blanket out of this” Then I can become famous like you.” My heart melted…


Favorite quote?


Life is an opportunity

take it,

Life is precious

take care of it

Life is a challenge

face it,

Life is life

defend it.

~Click to Tweet

Isn’t she amazing? We all have that spark in us, we only have to find it and make it grow! That is just what she did! TO ORDER from Amy you can check out her website by clicking here.

Connect with Amy right now on INSTAGRAM and on FACEBOOK.


Featured Entrepreneur: All Things Precious

I am very excited to share my Featured Entrepreneur today. Although, it doesn’t take a lot to get me excited! Each month I try to help a small business by telling you all about them. We all should be helping our small business friends!

I have recently met a very nice and talent lady. Her name is Christina and she makes the most precious totems and jewelry. Her items are very inspirational and unique. Each one is different and has a special vibe and connection with her. These are not mass produced but handmade with love, spirituality and care. I guess you could say that each piece has its own special story.

Something handmade is so much more meaningful

“The desire to create is one of the deepest yearnings of the human soul”

Please let me introduce the lady behind this beautiful art. 

About me: I’m eclectic to the core. Some have said I have the attention span of a mosquito…but it’s only because my interests span so many things! I have a 22 year old daughter that I love more than my life. I love to read, and my garden is my sanctuary. I especially love Morning Glories and am always looking for new types. My favorite is the Moonflower . I love nature,  grass between my toes and the gentle bump of a pelted bumble against my nose. When I was younger, I used to get in trouble for writing stories in class. After that, I didn’t write for years , until just recently (last year) and started a book I’ve been thinking about for a long time. For the last 20 years, I’ve designed jewelry. In the last few years I’ve become an advocate for people with Panic/Anxiety Disorders, as I have them myself and understand how it feels. I love my four cats who love to “help” me design jewelry. I will be volunteering at our local animal shelter soon. My main animal Totem is Otter. All wrapped up, I’m a howling, banshee heathen with bare feet, jingling bells on my ankles and a quill behind my ear. 

Where am I from: I originally hail from Tampa, Florida. Once, when I was 13, I visited family coal mining town. I was moved to take some of the red clay home with me…it said “you will live on red dirt one day”. I have that dirt even now, and currently reside in the mountains of western NC…where there is red clay everywhere to dig my toes in.

My family: My parents moved to NC 17 years before I did, then, my brother followed. Eventually, I came to live here too. All in the same itty bitty town. My daughter has moved back to Florida, but young ones must have wings to fly their path.

My hobbies: Reading, gardening, searching for abandoned old houses, looking at pics of them online, and create short back stories for them. 

My passion: I have several. Being an advocate for people who have Panic/Anxiety Disorders is one. This pushed my second passion, writing, back into existence after many years of having put down the pen.  Then, designing jewelry.

My business: That’s a hard one….I originally began designing jewelry 20 years ago. I believe every creation has its own story, its pieces just waiting to be put together and told. I usually never make more than one of a design. One day, I found some adorable little animal beads. Though much more simple to put together as jewelry, they meant something to me…I believe in Totems, and I sell them as such. They are much loved by children however, and though it is the bulk of my sales (to children) I am researching how to get them noticed more along the lines of what I intended. My writing, esp my book, I don’t quite consider a “business” yet…even if it does get published, I still see it as more of a passion. 

“Being creative is not a hobby, it is a way of life.”

To order from Christina, visit her Facebook page here.

You can also find her on Instagram!

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Featured Entrepreneur : Virtuous Mama

Hello homeschoolers and entrepreneurs!

I am so excited to tell you all about my featured business. She is a dear friend, wonderful Mother and child of God. I have gotten to know her over the past year or so and I am so grateful to have met her. She is a warrior, boss-lady, independent, intelligent and kind woman.

Her name is Kayla and she is my friend and a fellow blogger. As a Christian Life Coach and Virtual Supporter, her mission is to help encourage, motivate, and empower women through Christ. 

She has been an inspiring blessing to me. She has helped motivate and encourage me in my writing and with God. 

Do you need encouragement? Could you use a little motivation in your live? How close are you to the Lord? I encourage you to contact Kayla and have a conversation with her. She is a very caring and understanding person.

Are you an entrepreneur who struggles with social media? She has many tips to share and guidance to provide you. Visit her website VIRTUOUS MAMA. You will find it very helpful I promise you that!

Connect with Virtuous Mama on Facebook and send her a message. She would be glad to help you.

Follow her on Twitter and Instagram too!

Hey, Mama. You are beautiful, you are strong, and you are loved. Do you need encouragement? Do you need inspiration? Do you need help with walking closer with the Lord? Let’s connect. Are you an entrepreneur? Is social media a mystery to you? Would you like some tips and ideas for how to unravel that mystery? Let’s connect!”