Versatile Blogger Award Nominee

I love blogger contribution posts because it gives me a quick and easy way to share how far I've come. It also gives me the opportunity to share some things about myself with you.

Have you heard about Big Eyes??

Hey Hey, So..... I wanted to talk to you all about movies! Yep! That is right... MOVIES! Why? Because as an artist, I still enjoy a movie now and then, although I am mostly captivated by those silly reality TV shows. You know the ones you really should not watch, but can't stop? Yes.... Those! … Continue reading Have you heard about Big Eyes??

A Path to Discovery!

I knew that to continue what I loved it would take practice, patience and hard work. It was a long process deciding what artistic direction I wanted to take after high school!

New Contributor: Tamara

I am excited to announce that Jessica has asked me to join her team of collaborators for What's Happening with Jessica?

New Contributor: About Melanie

Meet our new contributor Mel!