Mom’s Journal: A Moment of Reflection

I have been thinking quite a bit the past few months. To be honest, mostly the last few days. Reflecting about positivity. I say all the time that it is important to stay positive. But, am I actually doing so? Sometimes I’m not so sure.

You can read quotes and books all day but it doesn’t mean a thing unless you want it to. You have to really want to make your life better. That goes for any circumstance.

I’ve decided that I will proceed by reflecting each day. However, I will be adding actions to my reflections, daily. I have 5 children, who count on me and depend on me. They learn the good and the bad habits that I show them each day.

This is something I will be encouraging my children to do each day as well. Time of reflection, discussing the good and the bad, how we feel and what those feelings mean. It’s time to put the devices down and start communicating emotionally and physically.

Showing emotions is hard for some. For me, I sometimes cannot control them. It took me many years to figure it out. Now I have a daughter struggling with it. It’s time for change.

All this will create better attitudes, uplifted moods, and wisdom. Each day will get better in time.

How do you stay positive? Do you have moments of reflection alone, keep a journal, read a Bible? Maybe even listen to audiobooks?

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this. Tell me in the comment section below!



3 thoughts on “Mom’s Journal: A Moment of Reflection

  1. zannnie says:

    I like this post as it raises the questions that is so relevant being a Mother today. For me I allow myself to have time painting. I didn’t know this until I stopped baking as it was my creative outlet. Unfortunately I had to stop baking so much because I need to seriously loose some weight together with my salad diet and jogging programme. I found painting by chance when I was on a Summer 18-Days Road Trip (I’ve blogged about my story)

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    • Jessica says:

      That is so great that you found something for yourself! I have picked up reading again. That is all I can add for now. However, I plan to get back to drawing and starting a business soon. Thank you for adding your experience 😊


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