Back to School with Kwik Stix

Hey Hey!

It is that time of year again. When all the kiddies are heading back to public school and homeschoolers are preparing for new curriculum and lessons. Can I just say, first, how exciting it is to start a fresh new school year? I have always loved the feeling of NEW. Although we do continue our learning ALL year, it is important for me to reflect and organize for myself. I had planned (very difficult to keep plans around here), to have our “first” day of our NEW journey on Monday, August the 13th. Well, we had some things come up and had to postpone it for another week. The kids were okay with it because we have been spending our week in the water and surviving this heat.

Things to come…

A few things I have planned this year are, to finish some of the last years’ history and math activities, a brand NEW science lesson, exploring new words with my 1st grader, lots of crafts and so much more! I must balance all of this with a toddler and things to keep him busy as well. There will be no such thing as boredom in this house.

Kwik Stix

Oh, and guess what???

I have a special and fun review and simple activity to share. Recently, Pencil Grip Inc. contacted me to try out there awesome mess-free paint. Of course, I said yes. We love anything to do with Art! Mess-free is even better 😀

They are very much like pastels and go one very smoothly. They really are mess-free. However, I am not sure I would consider them to be like paint. Well, not like the paint you may be thinking of. For example, acrylic or water-colors. It is actually Solid Tempera paint. It can be used on paper, posters, wood and more. They are also non-toxic.


More information: No water needed, bright vibrant colors, dries almost instantly, and Nut, Egg & Gluten Free.

We received the Metalix colors. I believe these do as they claim and my youngest (6&8) children loved them the most. My oldest daughters (10 and up) didn’t enjoy them as much, as they are into more detailed art with acrylics. Honestly, I love them as a Mom! I can allow my littles to use them whenever they feel the urge to get creative, without worrying about the mess. I no longer have to tell them to wait for me to help. They can just have at it!

So, you will have to determine what will work best for your children. Age is a big factor. They are fat like regular sized glue sticks. Perfect for little hands!

Want to see more? Check out the video below and let us know what you think 🙂 Be sure to keep scrolling after the video, to find out where you can order Kwik Stix today!

Don’t they look so fun? I can’t wait to use them for my next project. I think we may try them on a woodcraft!

You can purchase Kwik Stix online at Michaels, Target, and Amazon. They are also available in your local Walgreens! Thank you Pencil Grip for letting us try your new product. Also, a big thank you to all my readers. I hope you enjoyed this update and review.

If you have any questions about this product or homeschool, please leave a comment or send me an email at

Have a beautiful week!

❤ Jess



2 thoughts on “Back to School with Kwik Stix

  1. Lisa Jenkins says:

    On woodcrafts, yes! That sounds like it would be fun! I feel you for sure on staying organized/staying on a particular schedule – it’s been hot and very smoky here until yesterday so we’ve been really put off too!

    Liked by 1 person

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