Book Review: The Forgotten Lands Part 1 & 2

Hey y’all!

I am a true book lover. Books of all kinds make me super excited. Whether they are for me or my children, they make me jump for joy…on the inside. I try really hard not to embarrass myself ha!

It really makes me happy that my children love books and reading as well. My 13 year old has always asked for books for Christmas and birthdays, aside from music of course. She will read all day and night if I let her. And I do!

So, I’ll stop rambling again…I have two brand new books to share with you! By author Jennifer Strain, I bring to you The Forgotten Lands Dragon Island and Stormy Mountain.

Dragon Island (Book 1)

Join Sadie on a thrilling adventure as she discovers that her grandfather’s treasures are from a once-forgotten land. When Sadie and her cousins find a magical map, they are whisked away to a land where royalty is plagued by fire-breathing, book-eating dragons! Can Sadie save the Queen’s most prized possessions?

Let me just say wow! I started to read this book to my kids and they loved it. I did get busy and couldn’t finish it. However, my eight year old daughter Bella finished where I left off.

I asked her what she thought of the story and she said this:

I love adventure books! I really thought Dragon Island was awesome! I couldn’t stop reading and it never got boring. I really was so happy to have the next one to read. These books are so exciting and I could see all the adventure happening in my mind!

What was your favorite part of the story?

When Sadie and her cousins were coming up with a plan to defeat the dragon that was eating the Queen’s books.

So as you can see, the first story was very much enjoyable to her.

Stormy Mountain (Book 2)

Join Sadie, Finn, and Nora as they return to the Forgotten Lands in another whirlwind adventure, this time to a place called Stormy Mountain–a land as fierce as it sounds. The cousins must work together to solve a problem that has plagued the mountain for years. Can they figure out a way to stop the weather that threatens the survival of the mountain and the mysterious sprites who live there?

I will let Bella tell you what she thought of the second book. I feel like even if I read it, her view is more important than mine. This is because it is a children’s book and their imaginations are much better than mine.

I really loved it so much that I did not want to stop reading it!! The sprites are really cool! I like that the sprites are all different colors. And I like how one of them is pink. And when they first met the sprites I knew it by the moment that they were SPRITES!😄 It was so Awesome. And I love how they control the weather. It was so fun to read!💞

She melts my heart. The words of children are the sweetest. I believe she will grow up to be an amazing woman. She is already so amazingly smart and has the biggest heart.

I believe these stories were a HUGE hit in our home. I hope Jennifer is working on book 3!

If you head to the website, there is a free download to go with these books. I just found it! Here is a direct link to the Free Download.

What do you think?

Does this series sound like a good fit for your children?

Leave us a comment below and tell us what you think.




You can find The Forgotten Lands books on Facebook at The Forgotten Lands.

Visit her website at Forgotten Lands Books.




*I received these books free for my honest review. All words were my own. Please take a look at my comp page. Thank you!*


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