Free Worksheets coming soon!

Life has kept my hands full and my mind going 24/7. Writing has been put on the back burner lately. However, I have big plans for this blog and for all of you. One of my plans include printable worksheets, journal pages and coloring pages.

Worksheets will include Math, writing prompts English, and more. Most of them will be geared towards unschooling.

Journal pages are a great way for kids to keep track of things they are learning. It is a more independent way for them to organize their work and it’s fun too.

For example, if my daughter wanted to take notes about types of birds around our neighborhood, she would have special journal pages for it.

Coloring pages are always great to have around for down time. It’s important to always have art supplies and things to help open their artistic minds. It makes learning a lot easier as well.

So far, this is just a plan. I still have much work to do. As I am still learning how to make them. It is important to me, to make them unique in style. Below I have added my first worksheet. It is simple and of course Free for you!

Before heading to the grocery store, it’s important to have a list right? If I don’t, I guarantee that I will forget!

So, a little math during your grocery run. Why not? Have your child make a list too! Get a clip board and pen. Have them write the price of each item while shopping. When your shopping is over, they can add it up in the car on the way home.

When you think they are ready, teach them to add your state tax too! There are so many realistic ways to help your children learn.

So there ya go. What do you think? Would this be something you would use? And, would you add something else to it?

Please feel free to give me your feedback. ☺

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