Nature Study & Outdoor Science Journal

Aww nature…I absolutely feel free when I take myself outside around the trees and the chirping birds. The smell of the grass and the sound of rustling leaves above my head are all comforting to me. In Autumn, it is the smell of bon fires and the chill in the air that I love most.

The Thinking Tree Nature Study & Outdoor Science Journal

Getting to my review…

Another amazing journal I’d like to share with you.My kids call them their fun school books. The Nature Study book is intended to get your kiddos outside. For the child that is always bored, the child that can’t sit still, and even for that child that hates doing any type of book learning.

This journal is also intended for child-led learning. The child chooses what they want to learn. Next, you take them to the library to get a few books. Then, all you have to do is release them into the wild or the backyard is fine! Like the other books from The Thinking Tree this also include things to color and inspire. The artwork is amazing! You really must see for yourself.

So what do you think? I think I want one for myself! You can order one on Amazon right here.

I received this free in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. Thank you!


8 thoughts on “Nature Study & Outdoor Science Journal

    • Jessica Burgess says:

      Awe, you can still have fun learning. In fact, you already do with you’re where in the world posts! I love those. My school days weren’t too fun either. I would have really being homeschooled. Lol


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