Valentine Cards with Magic Stix

It’s almost that annoying day again!

Yes, I said it. I really don’t care for Valentine’s Day. However, my children absolutely love it and I am not about to break their hearts by not celebrating it. They love to show their affection and that is something I cherish about them. 

Valentine’s is not a romantic day for us, but a family love day at our house. The kids make decorations, pictures and cards for family. Then, Dad and I buy them something special. We don’t go all out with toys and junk candy though. I want my children to learn that they do not need “stuff” to feel loved or be happy.

On to our Valentine Cards. Nothing fancy or hard about them but very special and made with a lot of love. I bought construction paper and gave them the Magic Stix markers that were sent to me. I Normally add glitter and other sparkly things. This year has been challenging for me with our littlest. So, I decided to keep it simple.

Magic Stix Markers are odorless and washable. I love that because my Bella gets headaches from most markers and my son always gets ink all over his hands. It washes off pretty well. These markers also have a vented saftey cap and the colors are very nice, bright and bold. 

Click here to order on Amazon, they are on sale right now!

The kids really enjoyed them because of the variety of colors. I agree with them! Not the same old colors like some brands. They are also guaranteed to not dry put for 7 days with the cap off! I have not yet tested this claim, however. I will be doing the no cap challenge on Instagram soon, so be sure to follow me there! 🙂

So far we loving Magic Stix and they are holding up well with my four kiddos. What do you think? Want to give them a try?


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