Valentine’s Printable

Hey there,

It is almost Valentines Day and I have yet to start any crafts with my kiddos. We usually make homemade cards and fancy them up. We use stickers, glitter, gel pens and more. Sometimes we mail some out, give them to family members and to each other. 

Valentines around here is more about family love, not romantic love. The kids especially love the chocolates and teddy bears we get them. They really love celebrating love. I must have done something right! 

We will soon be working on our cards and lovey notes. I have thought to add a Valentine theme into our school days but I really haven’t had much time. It can be difficult to add more to the busy mix of life. I did, however come across a cute Valentine activity on one of my favorite sites. 

A fun way to add gammar practice is with themed worksheets. Especially, if your kids like busy work. Plus, using activities like puzzles, don’t feel like real work at all. You can just add the worksheet into what they are already learning. 

Practice preposition words with this fun Valentine printable. Head to for more learning activities just like this!

I love word searches! I could do them for hours. I think this will be something different from our usual.I may just go snag a few different activities to hand out.

What do you do for Valentine crafts and activities? Do you go all out or keep it simple like me?


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