5 Ways to Homeschool On A Budget


Homeschooling can be expensive BUT it can be affordable and even FREE. It can be whatever you like. There are always ways to save or not. You just have to learn to be smart and frugal about it. I recommend all new homeschoolers take advantage of all the free resources out there. It is a good idea to have plenty of printing paper along with a printer. Even if you don’t have a printer you can go to your local library or even Office Depot. My Office Depot is actually cheaper. Imagine that. Anyway, getting to my 5 ways to homeschool on a budget….


1. Don’t bother buying curriculum:


Well, you don’t have to take my word for it. Everyone is truly different, especially your children. I am so glad I didn’t break down and buy an expensive curriculum when we started out. Boy did I want to so bad! Let me buy allll the books and school supplies. I very much enjoy shopping for books. It is better than Christmas!

What I learned though was, my kids didn’t all like the same things and I was afraid of buying something that they hated. Money down the drain. What I decided to do was print of activities that went with certain subjects and books we were reading. I started using, and still do from time to time, Netflix. There are actually free activities out there that will go with educational movies like The Magical School Bus.


If buying a curriculum turns out to be best for your family, then by all means go for it. However, I do suggest having your children take learning style quizzes and go from there.

2. Go to the library:

To me this is a no brainer! Take advantage of your amazing local library. They are there to help you. Most have computers and activities for kids to do outside the home. And it is FREE. So why not help your kids love the library? It is our second home. You can have them look for one book per subject or release them wild and free.

3. Free Printables

I know I have mentioned this one already but free printables will be your number one go to resource. The web is full of so many. You can find something for every subject; like math, science, history. There are even lapbook printables and curriculum packs available for free. One great website you can try is Teachers Pay Teachers. Just sign up and they will keep you posted on new items (Lots are free some are not).

4. Try the Dollar Tree and used book shops:


I love shopping for new supplies at the Dollar Tree. They have paper, puzzle books, workbooks, art supplies, teacher supplies, things to decorate your school space and much more. It is nice to have the option when you have 4 kids to shop for. I like to surprise the kids with a cute notebook and pen each year. They love to write and it keeps that feeling in them alive. If you are lucky enough to have a local used book store or antique shop, you might fight some really good books. I visited an antique/thrift shop and the lady there had over 100 types of workbooks. Score!

5. Free Website and Apps:


I wrote a post about educational websites I love and use quite a bit….Jessica’s Fave Educational websites. Check those out and see what may work for you. I will be sharing some more soon in a new post. I started out using many websites, like Easy Peasy, to help us get an idea of what the kids should be learning. Of course that didn’t last forever because we finally found our own way. You can find some of these websites have apps as that you can download on a tablet or phone!

So you see…homeschooling can be affordable. Even without internet at home, you can do a lot of the preparing at the library while your kids are finding things to learn. I hope this has helped. If you have any thoughts or questions please let me know!

You can also join my group at Homeschool Help & Support on Facebook. Hope to see you there!


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