Book Review: Nellie Nova’s Summer on the Run

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I have been so excited to read Nellie Nova’s next adventure. My oldest daughter really enjoyed Nellie Nova Takes Flight. As soon as I heard there would be a second one, I knew we just had to read it. Thanks to the Author, Stephenie, we recieved book 2 as soon as it was released. 

In book 1, we went along in a time machine called The Purple Flyer and went back in time to meet Amelia Earheart! Adventure and a genius homeschooled girl, it was an exciting read. My oldest, who was 10 at the time, read it and really enjoyed it. I decided to read it to the other kiddos this year. They all loved it! I would say this story is good for all ages!

Nellie Nova’s Summer on the Run 

Okay, so I am writing a little here and there as I read this book. The kids and I are currently on chapter four. The story started off with some scary excitement, with a tiny history blended in. I love how there are bits of history in these stories. As the author mentions famous people in history, it seems to have peaked my children’s interest, which then requires me to stop and explain to them who they are and what their story is. As you can read, they are getting some learning time in without even realizing it!

The kids favorite part so far is the scene in the library. Should I give you a snippet? They are running from some creepy agents and find the library to hide. Knocking over some books, Nellie sees an autobiography. Hmm, I wonder why that’s so important? 

I believe there is even more excitement in book 2. You get to know Nellie and her family better, including Auntie Amelia. These are not your average homeschooled kids. They are fun and spunky, smart and responsible, for the most part. They are the luckiest kids in the world.

The Agents of the N.A.T.

These guys are relentless! A bit scary too. They will stop at nothing to catch Nellie and her family, so that they can get that time machine for themselves. Ruthless government agents is an understatement. They do not live by the law but do what they please, by making the Nova’s lives miserable. They will stop at nothing. In the first book, they kidnapped Nellie. Do you see now?

Family that fights together stays together.

The Nova’s are a tough bunch. As scary as life has become for them since the Purple Flyer, they continue to push through. Maybe they get rid of the time machine and hope the agents will leave them alone….or not. 
To find out why the agents are after the Nova’s again you need to buy this book. Haven’t read book 1 yet? Order it by clicking the book photo above! Then get ready for the next adventure!

Does the story end?

I am not sure I should tell you that. Okay, I will. No the story does not end! Officially, I have not heard about a book 3 but the way Summer on the Run ended tells me otherwise. 

So what do you think Jessica?

I think this book was so much fun! I enjoyed reading it with my kids and they begged for another chapter. This book series is perfect for all ages in my opinion. It’s easy for my five year old to understand, yet exciting and old enough for my bigger kids. The fact that the kids are homeschooled makes it even better. We need more stories about Homeschoolers.

I highly recommend this book and series! I hope you enjoyed my review. Go get you a copy!  

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