A Path to Discovery!

Hey Hey!

I am so excited to be back and writing to you about my journey to art!
Art was never something that I had considered as a career, but was always something that I enjoyed growing up. If I was not out playing road hockey with the boys, I was in the play room colouring, painting, and crafting.

When I began high school I started to take art more seriously, I took every course I could and averaged in the 90’s for them all, I even got honour roll! It was then that I decided that being an artist would be my path. Nothing made me happier!

I knew that to continue what I loved it would take practice, patience and hard work. It was a long process deciding what artistic direction I wanted to take after high school! I loved painting, drawing and all the Fine Art aspects, but I also enjoyed Photography.  When it came time to apply for college I choose three courses; Photography, Fine Art and Interior Design. In the end, and let me tell you there was a lot of debate, I chose Fine Art.

I spent 3 years in college learning various forms of art, as well as art history, Those three years were not easy, and by year 3 I was ready to be done with school. I was tired, frustrated and could not stand being told where I should take my artistic direction when it was supposed to be about me building my portfolio. When I graduated in June of 2012, I spent time away from art, painting etc, but boy did I miss it.

In November 2012, I took a leap of faith and opened my own art business. I honestly did not know much about what direction I was going to take this business, or how to run a business in general. I began to research, join groups, follow other artists on Facebook and advertise.

It has bee quite the journey, at almost 6 years in, I have had some really great years, and some really bad ones, but I would not change it for the world. I love what I do, I love watching the images come to life with each stroke of my paint brush. I love hearing the stories and connecting with others. It is my way of helping people, my way of bringing a smile to someones face each and every day.

Until next time!
Keep Creating
Mel xox

“Isn’t she amazing!? Melanie is so inspiring and very talented. Be sure to go check out her Facebook page Art By Mel G. and follow her. You don’t want to miss her latest masterpiece!”- Jessica


7 thoughts on “A Path to Discovery!

  1. abreen13 says:

    Awww! You were definitely blessed with a talent and big heart which makes for an amazing Artist! I love your work and also how much advice you’ve given me that’s really helped! You are always there for me! ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

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