Mom’s and Makeup

Hey it’s Jess again.

Today I want to talk makeup. I remember many years ago I would not leave the house without my face fixed and my hair properly dried and straightened. It took me a good two hours to get ready for school or as I became an adult, just to go shopping. 

After each new bundle of joy, I had less time for those luxuries. I managed to get my time down to 30 minutes after baby number 2. I stopped straightening it and would just quickly use a brush and blow dry. Then I’d put a few essentials on my face: A little concealer, blush and powder, some eyeliner and lip gloss. 

Then here comes baby number three. I think I stopped doing my hair and started wearing my hair pretty short. That way I didn’t have to spend much time on it. I was down to wearing makeup just a few days a week when I’d go out. Sometime later, I can’t really remember, I stopped caring. I had way more children and housework to tend to. 

You will usually find me sporting the Mom bun, not an ounce of make- up and wearing yoga pants. Yes, that’s the honest truth. On my good days I’ll wear my jeggings and get my eye liner out. However, I really do miss the days I could explore my makeup bag and try new things. Once upon a time, I had a good makeup brush set from Avon. I even had five different hair brushes! 

Want to help a Mom out? 
I am really needing your help. I would love to treat myself at least once a week. Just by rolling myself up. My problem is, I plan it and once I go for it, I shrug my shoulders and don’t care anymore. I soon regret it later because I know I should care about myself more. It’s not about what I look like, so much as what I feel inside. I want to feel confident again.

First, I need to find a healthier makeup. I am not a 100% crunchy Mom but I try my best to choose the healthier options and it is time to choose well for myself also.

Second, I need it to be affordable. I am a Mother of five and I always spend my extra money on them. So if it is expensive, forget it.

 Third, I need convenient and easy to use. I dint have type for three step mascara. Talk about a time waster!

Lastly, I need some good makeup utensils. Just like an artist needs good tools for their drawings and paintings. I believe this is super important. However, I don’t know what is good and what isn’t anymore. 

Since I am no expert on this subject, I went to my friend Melanie and asked her what she looks or in a good makeup brush set. Stick around a bit longer to see what she had to say.

As an artist I use brushes every single day, but what does this have to do with makeup brushes you might ask?? Some may think nothing, others may see their faces as a canvas, one that is painted with shades to showcase their individuality! Nonetheless, I am not here to chat about me being an artist, and painting. I am here to chat with you on my opinion of makeup brushes. 

I am always on the lookout for a decent set of makeup brushes. I am a big fan of synthetic brushes, WHY?? Well, maybe it is the artist in me, but I find that they apply much smoother and you end up with that flawless blend, but I am also aware that not all the brushes used to apply makeup can be 100% synthetic. I try to use quality brands, and brushes that contain more than one fiber (A mix of bristle and synthetic). This way I can ensure an easy clean and less shedding.

I am currently using brushes from MAC and Younique. Do I have a favourite, not really, as I find the quality is equal, the brushes have minimal to no shedding and are easy to clean.  I can tell you that I am not a huge fan of MAC’s Synthetic Rounded Slant Brush (which I was told was great to apply and blend foundation with). I find it does not blend well and it is a pain to clean, other ladies love it! But with any product or tool, you need to find something that works best for you!

Anywho! Here are a few tips that I have to finding the perfect brushes and making them last are….

  • Try and find brushes that have mixed fibers
  • Look for brushes that will clean easily (I clean mine with a pea size amount of dish soap, or conditioner, and warm water)
  • Find quality! Most brushes need to be replaced about every 2 years, but during that time you don’t want to have to run out and purchase a new brush because it was poor quality and started falling apart! Brands I would recommend are MAC, Sephora, Quo and Younique!
  • Don’t be afraid to spend a little extra on something good!
  • Ensure you clean your brushes regularly, you don’t want to gunk and makeup to build inside those bristles. It will also help them last longer. I would recommend once a week if you can. I try and do mine every Sunday, as it is my lazy day!
  • When you know those brushes are getting old.. Change them! There is nothing wrong with purchasing something new for yourself once in awhile.

My final words on this topic is that there will be a period of trial and error. You may not find those “perfect” brushes right away. Remember that quality is better than quantity! I rather have less, good quality brushes, then a load of cheap ones that have bristles falling out and don’t blend the makeup well.

Happy brush shopping!


Isn’t she amazing? Very helpful to a Mama like myself! Check out her makeup page on Facebook at Younique with Mama Ro.

I would like to mention that I came across this great review of different brands of makeup brushes called The Best Makeup Brushes by I found it interesting and pretty helpful to me and thought my friends would like to check it out also. They checked 16 different brands of brushes for softness, durability and grip. Read the quote below for a snippet review.

If you’re a newcomer to makeup and aren’t ready to spend a lot, or if you just want decent brushes without bleeding your pocketbook dry, we’d recommend Sonia Kashuk ($2-$20 per brush). During testing, these brushes beat out more expensive contenders like MAC thanks to their soft, full bristles, although some of our testers disliked Sonia Kashuk’s handles, which have bulbous curves that make it hard to control exactly where you grip each brush. Sonia Kashuk does stands out for being cruelty-free — if animal testing is a no-go for you, this brand has historically taken a strong stance against it. (We dig into the details of what “cruelty-free” actually means below.)

Be sure to go to the website for the full review. If you’re a makeup addict, or just a Mom looking for something easy and affordable, you will want to read that review!

What are your makeup must haves?  

If you could only choose 5 makeup items, what would you choose?


12 thoughts on “Mom’s and Makeup

    • Jessica Burgess says:

      That is great! I’m hoping to get more time for even the simplest of application lol. My youngest, he’s 1 now, has been the most challenging child in have had. I’m lucky to use the ladies room 😂

      Liked by 1 person

  1. abreen13 says:

    As a huge makeup lover and wearer I found myself relating to you more and more. I only have one child, and I am stay home mom. I absolutely let everything slide and only put it on if I’m going somewhere or someone is coming over. But I’ve gotten it down to just concealer, powder bronzer, eyeliner and mascara. That’s about as far as I go and less I am going somewhere, which is very rare. Great write up girls! I learned a lot.

    Liked by 1 person

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