Mom’s Journal: The 1 year old

Hey there.

I had to come on here and tell you a little about baby life presently. You would think after 4 other babies that it would be easy peasy the fifth time around. Well, it isn’t. I didn’t consider personality at all. The most out going, loud and independent one year old I’ve ever had.

I have four other children who were born in March and May. Along comes this December baby. Before he made his grand appearance, I thought to myself “This will be so easy. I know what to expect and I have more people to help me around the house.”, yada, yada, yada. My older children do help quite a bit. He gives us all a run for our money!

Have you seen the movie Baby Boss? The kids mentioned how he is our baby boss. Yes, he is bossy because he knows what he wants and he knows how he feels and he will let you know too! Added to that is the sweetest, most loveable, huggable and funniest boy. He is the best fifth baby, addition, member of this big clan. He fits just right, snug in between like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

I have not one regret on choosing to have him. Number five or ten. I love him so. Even when he smacks my face because he’s trying to get my attention or when he screams because he had to have the remote to the television but sister is trying to get it. I wouldn’t trade any of those hectic moments. Why? Because those arms that wrap around my neck melt me into submission and that smile wins every time.

Baby Life keeps me so busy. Every waking and sleeping moment revolves around him and that’s okay. One day it will be no more. No more cooking breakfast with one hand. No more screaming for bite bites. No more kicks in the face…because co-sleeping. No more showers with Mama. No more ripping up my books. No more waking up countless times for booby. No more laughing at Mamas goofy looks. And no more bedtime snuggles. He will grow up in a blink of an eye…just like his siblings.

Bittersweet memories of the 1 year old is all I will have left.


8 thoughts on “Mom’s Journal: The 1 year old

  1. abreen13 says:

    This made me teary. My little girl is also a December baby and they sound a lot alike 😂 As I was blessed to be able to have 1 child. This post hits home because she just turned 8 and is growing too fast ❤️ I miss the baby snuggles and at the same time can’t get over how grown up my daughter is 😭

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