New Contributor: About Melanie


Hey Hey,

My name is Melanie! I am so excited to have the opportunity to be a collaborator for What’s Happening with Jessica?

I am an artist, animal lover, mama to 5 furbabies and an amateur blogger. I am blessed with a wonderful family, and a boyfriend of 11 years. When Jess asked me to contribute to her blog, I said yes right away! She has truly been an amazing support to my small business, but not only that, we have become great friends. So I want to thank her for this fantastic opportunity.

What I do….

As I mentioned above I am an artist. I opened up my commission based business in November of 2012. It has been an amazing experience to watch my business grow, but not only that, it has been amazing to watch my self growth too!

Art by Mel.G focuses on capturing your memories for a lifetime. I do this by recreating your favourite images (your pets, family, places you have traveled) into paintings and drawings. I absolutely LOVE what I do, and I am happy to share my journey with so many.

Well that is just a little sneak peak into who I am! I look forward to writing for you all more!

Keep Creating,
Mel xox


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