Sweetie Pie Organics Update

Hi there!

It is time for my update on Sweetie Pie Organics lactation smoothie
In case you missed my last blog post Sweetie Pie Organics Ambassador, go ahead and give it a read and then come back here.

So, as you know I am currently trying out these smoothies. I’m going to be honest with you. I don’t have a problem with my supply. I produced plenty of milk for my little guy prior to drinking these smoothies. However, while breastfeeding I am constantly hungry. The hunger pains are real folks. I mean every hour to 2 hours my stomach is trying to eat me! I am almost certain it’s worse than being pregnant and hungry. No joke.

With that being said, these smoothies have been a life saver! I’m not kidding. When I get to feeling those pains, I grab one of these apple and pear smoothies and drink it up. My stomach feels so much better and I can get through my day. It is also helpful to have when I’m so busy about my day. Sometimes I don’t have time for a snack.

How does it taste? 

It tastes pretty sweet and I notice the pear more than the apple. There is that hint of fenugreek but it isn’t too strong to me. The texture isn’t rough but smooth. It is a good taste and I can easily drink it all in a matter of seconds! 

Would you buy them?

Another honest answer for you….yes absolutely. Why? Because they are filling and did boost my milk supply. I could tell without pumping that I was producing more. I would guess an ounce or 2 on each side. 

What do you like about the smoothies best?

I love that the smoothies take away my hunger pains. It is so hard to take care of a baby, homeschool and everything else when you are constantly hungry. I’m irritable, snappy and downright tired when this happens. Mom life can be hard as it is. 

Another thing I would like to point out is the ingredients. All organic, no sugar added, and only 180 calories. Plus, I have peace of mind knowing that what I am putting inside my body is good for my baby.

Any suggestions?

The only thing I would suggest is more flavors. Not everyone is a fan of pear. I’m not picky at all but I know many Moms that are. This isn’t even a complaint because I liked the apple and pear flavor personally. 

So that is it. I didn’t get to give one out to a friend. I guess I was selfish and kept them to myself.Oops 🙄

 I hope you enjoyed my review! Be sure to comment and tell me your thoughts on the Sweetie Pie lactation smoothies. 


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