Why You Shouldn’t Give up.

Do you know anyone that homeschools? 

When I first pulled my girls out of public school I knew only 2 people that had already chose the venture. One of those ladies gave me the push that I needed and the other has always been supportive. BUT, that day I came to pick them up and said adios to that school, I admit I felt absolutely crazy and scared to do it. I was afraid of being judged, afraid of the questions and how to explain my reasons and worried I didn’t have what it takes. After-all, I never felt too smart. Guess what? I did not owe them or anyone else, an explanation. I know this now.

Fast forward to my comfortable years of doing this thing called life. I’ve noticed a few friends and acquaintances decided to homeschool after something happened to their kids at school.When I hear stories of why they made the decision to pull them out, it was either because of bullying or the school/teacher would claim the student had a learning disability. I’ve heard that, and still do, the teacher says “Johnny is behind in his math scores.” or “Suzy may need to be held back.” I may elaborate on this more in another post.

Then there are the tests and quizzes. I really use to think tests were important. I was not good at tests. I would come close to failing them all. When in class, doing the actual work and assignments, I’d do fine. To get back to my point here, learning is not about test scores and there isn’t a level to be at. You simply cannot say someone is “behind” because their brain wasn’t psychologically ready for it. In my opinion, public school is a failed system. You just cannot expect kids to learn things at your pace. 

Back to those acquaintances I was talking about. They gave up! First, I want to say that I know we as parents are trying to do what we think is best for our children. I know that some really believe they just can’t do the homeschool thing or it didn’t fit into their lifestyle. It is hard for me to accept that because once you have kids, it isn’t about you anymore or your lifestyle. It’s about the lifestyle fitting with them. Does that make sense? I know a lot more Homeschoolers now and many with busy lives.

Parents running their own business….homeschool. Single Mom’s…homeschool. Mothers with health problems…homeschool. Work at home Dad’s….homeschool. Parents that work full time….homeschool. I could keep going here but I think you get my point. This is in no way a judgment post. I really just want the ones questioning their ability, to know that they can do this!

Please don’t give up! I will tell you right now, I almost did. If it ain’t hard, it ain’t worth it. Would you give up on making those sales goals? This is no different, except one thing….you have your children counting on YOU. Most parents do not give their kids enough credit either. They don’t realize how independent they can be in their learning. We just have to realize it and let them go. It is really that simple. You are their to guide them and cheer them on.

So, don’t give up on the thought of homeschooling. You can make it happen! That is the real beauty of it. You have control of what they learn, how they learn and when they learn…to an extent. Mine learn every day….the days we take “off” and every single moment in between.

“Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap, but by the seeds that you plant.”-Robert Louis Stevenson @whw_jessica <-Click to tweet

If you have any questions about homeschooling please feel free to email me at whatshappeningwithjessica@gmail.com. You can also find my contact page in this blogs menu. πŸ™‚


15 thoughts on “Why You Shouldn’t Give up.

  1. abreen13 says:

    Wow! I so needed to read this today. My super sensitive, anxious 8 year old has been asking me to homeschool her since Kindergarten and she’s in second grade now. She did 2 years of preschool before that. Her reason is that she misses me all day. She does so good in school, she is even assigned to help another student everyday. I may need some advice Jessica on how to handle this. ❀️ Great story love!

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  2. healthyparentblog says:

    Yes it’s good to see an encouraging posts like yours. I get those moments sometimes in my life, but who doesn’t? There are never good days without bad days. I have a question: what prompted your decision to pull your girls out of PS?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Jessica Burgess says:

      Hi 😊 I get them all of the time. That is why I feel it was important to remind people to not give up. There will always be something.

      As far as pulling them out of PS, at first it was because my kids were ALWAYS sick. They had strep throat or colds most of the year. They missed a lot of school. I was actually harassed by the school because of the missed days. Each day I had a doctor’s note. My kindergartener at the time had very high anxiety and my oldest daughter was “falling behind”. She wasn’t getting the help she needed. So I decided to take control. They are my kids after all. I could write a lot more but I’m going to stop here for now lol. If you have any suggestions or questions I’d love to connect. Have a great night and thanks for stopping by. πŸ™‹


  3. Michele says:

    Not everyone was supportive in my decision to homeschool, but that was Ok! I knew it was the best decision for my children. Our story is different than most. I didn’t start homeschooling until they were in 6th and 9th grade! So that may have contributed to some crazy looks!!! My son did go back 2nd semester 11th grade as he wanted to graduate with his friends. My 14yo never wants to return to PS. It’s not easy but it’s one of the best decisions I made!

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