Becoming A Mom

I always pictured having children but honestly never gave it too much thought. I had been dating my husband for 5 years before he proposed. We had a 2 year engagement as we wanted to take our time. Just about a year into living in wedding bliss my husband brought up the topic of starting a family. I was elated!

This honestly came as a huge shock to me as my husband had said several times in the past that he did NOT want kids. We were young and I figured one day he’d change his mind! Well, he did and on April 1, 2009 we found out that I was 8 weeks pregnant!

After 9 long months of what may have been the worst pregnancy ever, I gave birth to our little angel Leah May. Who stole our hearts from the second we laid our eyes on her. I watched my strong, tough, not emotional husband brought to tears the second Leah was placed in his arms. I don’t think I even have the words to describe the feeling of becoming a parent for the first time. It was literally the best day of my life.

For the next 2 weeks my husband and I slept in the living room, each on a couch. Leah was in her bassinet in between us and we took turns getting up with her. We didn’t have a clue what we were doing but somehow we did it!

I don’t think I could even come close to writing the “Parenting Manual”. It’s all trial and error and trying to remember that the days may seem extremely long but the years pass so fast. Cherish every second, say yes to extra hugs and kisses! Try to let the little things go, otherwise you’ll be upset 24/7. 

I’ve learned to laugh, even when I want to reprimand, yell or cry! My little Leah is turning 8 years old next week and she has grown up so much. She is so different from the little toddler I still see her as. I’m in awe of her sometimes and the things she knows and says. 

She is my favorite person to have a conversation with. My husband and I have decided a long time ago that she was the best decision we’ve ever made. He says she is a mini me! The best present I could ever give him. ❤️ That melts my heart! She is the reason I breathe.


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