Math Mysteries 

Math Mysteries 

So what’s this Math Mysteries book all about? Surely it’s not just another workbook. Of course not! We are talking about Fun-Schooling books after-all. This one has places with spaces, artwork to color and room for your child to write his or her own math problems.

It covers addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.Number stories help with thinking and productive reasoning skills. If you have a visual, hands-on and auditory learner at home, I believe they would find this workbook so helpful.

Visual because there is much to look at in this book. Hands-on because there is room to create and auditory because when reading the story problems aloud the information can be processed. 

Take a look inside…

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To purchase this book you can order it on Amazon right here! Oh and by the way, if you follow the creators page Thinking Tree Books & Dyslexia Games, you can watch for their awesome giveaways!
Tell me what you think by commenting below. 💜💜💜

“I received this book free in exchange for my honest review. In no way does this effect my opinion. Thank you!”


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