Fun-Schooling For Beginners

Hi there,

Just a small re die today. This little book is the most adorable thing! My little boy…let’s call him Junior. He is 5 and wants to have cool books like his sisters. This Fun-Schooling book is perfect for him. Dinosaurs, small poems and coloring. 

The poems are short but long enough to teach kids memory skills. While reading it together, he learned a few new words. Junior is still learning to read and so far this seems to help boost his confidence. 

It also includes just a little information about each dinosaur, as well as a drawing for him to color. Gel pens or color pencils work really well for this. 

Does your little boy or girl like dinosaurs and coloring? Check out some photos I have added just for you.

Does this look cute or what? What do you think of this little book? It’s truly great for beginners! You can purchase it on Amazon right here.

I received this book free in exchange for my honest review. My opinions are completely my own. Thank you!


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