Homeschool Complete: Review & Giveaway

Good day!

I was offered a free copy of Homeschool Complete’s Unity Study! I chose the Seasons because my children love talking and learning about different types of weather. It also fits well with our current Fall season.

This Unit Study includes:

  • Teaching procedure
  • Skills list
  • Materials list
  • Calendar
  • Hundred’s Chart-Number Line
  • Literature List (Score!)
  • Lessons 1-4

“The unit is based on a five-day school week, with four days of planned activities and one open day for activities of your choice.”

I absolutely love the fact that this Seasons Unity Study covers MathematicsLanguage Arts, Social Studies, Science, Fine Arts, Physical Development, & Fitness, and Character Development & Bible.

Those are a lot of subjects to cover in a unit study and it is ALL prepared for you. All you need to do is buy a few materials and go to the library! Everything is broken down into each lesson. So easy to get started. Great for busy Moms and even teachers.  You can also choose not to do certain activities. It is entirely up to you.


So much learning will be happening. Reading, writing, hands-on activities, exploring outside for materials like leaves. As an un-school family, I appreciate that this complete study has so much variety and the organization of each lesson is very much helpful to me.

I will share a little bit of what’s inside:

Lesson 1

For Language Arts/Science/Bible:

You will introduce the sight words winter, spring, summer and fall. Then you will talk about how the seasons happen: because the Earth is tilted, different parts are closer to the sun than others and so forth. Next, you will do an activity demonstrating the discussion.

The next subjects will follow. Below are pictures of what is in lesson 1. We had a lot of fun doing this unit study! I actually was able to use it with more than one of my kids. Their favorite part was finding leaves and learning why the seasons change.

Does this sound like something that would benefit your homeschool plans? Why not give it a try? Homeschool Complete is offering 20% off right now until December 24th! Just use the code: WHWJ20 when you make a purchase.


So now for the exciting part. I have a giveaway just for you!

Homeschool Complete is giving away this terrific prize: Printed copy of the Unit Study (student & teacher pages) plus all the manipulatives and games included in the lessons for the Homeschool Complete Seasons Unit Study. WOW!

  • Seasons Unit Study
  • Sight Word Flashcards
  • Sight Word Bingo
  • Alphabet Memory Game
  • Student Journal
  • 100 Chart
  • Calendar
  • Number Flash Cards
  • Color Flash Cards

To enter the giveaway: Entrants must be 18+, and a US resident.  Winner will be notified by email 48 hours after the giveaway.  Winner will have 48 hours to reply and claim the prize.  If they fail to reply, a new winner will be chosen.  No social media is responsible in any way for this giveaway.  Homeschool Complete is responsible for the prize fulfillment.

To ENTER click the image below. It will take you to the giveaway page. Be sure to complete each task to be successfully entered into the giveaway. Best of luck to you all! πŸ™‚
This giveaway ends on 12/17/17!


22 thoughts on “Homeschool Complete: Review & Giveaway

  1. info1871 says:

    Sounds like a great comprehensive package. Do you have any experience or opinion on the Ron Paul home school curriculum? Thanks for sharing.

    Liked by 1 person

    • BrieAnna Hewlett says:

      Being a new mom to homeschooling your blog looks as if it will have some amazing info. I am a ranch wife, and mom of 4 girls. Emmah age 7, Leeah age 4, Kierah age 2, and Kylah afe 3 months. I did kindergarten homeschool last year with Emmah, ans we are now working through first grade! Thank you for bringing you page and blog to my attention!!!

      Liked by 1 person

      • Jessica Burgess says:

        Hi BrieAnna! Thank you for stopping by. Your babies sound precious! I am so glad you have found my blog useful. The little ones are so fun to teach because there are so many fun activities for them. That’s what I did starting out. Lots of crafts and play time. 😊


    • BrieAnna Hewlett says:

      Have you ever heard of the program called MY Father’s World? I really like it, keep God centered which is important to us. This is my second year so I don’t have experience with other programs. However, with this program we will run into and issue by about 4th grade. We are strict
      Catholics, this program is Christian bases, which we love, but teachings get more in depth and parts of the bible are missing from this program because it’s not catholic. For now all the elementary ground work is the same. But, we will have to switch. Have you heard of any good Catholic home school program.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Jessica Burgess says:

        I have heard of My Fathers world. I haven’t had the chance to try it yet. I’m not sure of any Catholic programs but I do know another blogger that is! I can ask her for you or you can check out her blog at


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