Fun Schooling Books: Spelling Time

Fun-Schooling books are the best!

They are not boring and they do not feel like work at all. I highly recommend them and urge you to purchase at least one type of fun-schooling book!

I have tried a great many of them. They are perfect for our type of homeschool. They are basically made for unschooling but I believe any type of homeschool family would enjoy them and find them very useful.

Spelling Time 

This one really surprised me. My kids are not too much thrilled with the word “Spelling”. In public school it means boring monotonous work. It also means repetition and that can also feel very dull after awhile. I’m talking about the 5 times each I was made to do in grade school. Spelling Time, however, is far from boring.

Your child will be coloring and creating, all while learning new words. My little girl is 7 and she uses this book. She has learned to read mostly on her own. When your kids are shown to read often, eventually spelling will follow. Spelling Time really makes learning new words fun and creative. Bella (my daughter) learned to spell more words by reading a poem, coloring and drawing.

I am so happy because she is happy. She is my doodle bug! I highly recommend this book for children that love reading, coloring and creating. Check out some quick photos I snagged, below.

You can purchase Spelling Time on Amazon here!


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