Mom’s Journal: A little time off.

Hey there, it’s me again. I have been a pretty busy Mom these past few days. I decided to take some time off from social media. I needed to shorten my to do list a bit and really figure out how much time I’m wasting, as well as how much of my time is being used in a positive way.

It is so important to use our time in a positive, non-wasting way. This also includes the quality time and attention I would much rather focus towards my children. As a Mother, we have so many roles. On top of the average Motherly roles, I also have to homeschool 4 of 5 children. Yes, they are all mine 😄 They deserve every amount of time I can dedicate to them.

The challenge I face right now is balancing it all with a 10 month old. My little boy understandably needs all of my attention and that can really make it hard to stay motivated. The feelings I get when overwhelmed are failure and giving up. I do not want that to happen! I am sure I am not alone in my feelings. We all have to step back from time to time and evaluate our circumstances.

I did manage to get quite a bit done today (Monday). Miraculously, little ham had a really great nap and I spent some quality time with my older kids. They were even saying how much they missed our craft time together.

Although my time off is technically not a break from life, it did however give me a break from the pressures of managing my social media accounts.

So would you like to see what we have been up to?

First, I managed to get some cleaning done. Kids volunteered to help and one even put little ham down for a nap. Yes, I am the luckiest Mama alive!

Second, we gathered our fall leaves that were collected from our nice weekend adventure in the backyard. We created leaf art. Simple, yet fun coloring craft.

Third, we started our project on Dad’s birthday presents. One in particular is an I-O-U coupon book. Each page in the book is an I owe you. An example of one would be, “This coupon is good for one 20 minute massage.” Another simple and fun project.

Fourth, we played a fun new word game called Word-A-Melon. Which I will be reviewing soon! I really had some fun with this one.

So, that was just a little bit of what we have been up to. Maybe I will share more later. For now, this is it and I will chat with you all later. Thanks for stopping by!


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