Mom’s Journal: Count to 10

Don’t lose your cool. Count to 10……..Being a Mom takes patience. Every day you learn a little more. You learn to think a lot more before you speak. 1,2,3……10.
A lot of times you don’t think first, you’ll act first. That can be good but it also can be bad. I use to have no patience. I forgot what it was like to be a kid. My adult brain was running rampant. We must remember what it is like to have a mind of a child. We have to remember how simple that life can be. Adults make it so complicated.

I’ve had some pretty hard days. Days that make me wonder who I am.. When I look in the mirror I don’t always recognize myself. “Who are you and what did you do with Jessica!?”

Do you ever ask yourself that? Who are you? What have you become? Have you lost who you are? Maybe you just need to be reminded. Do you see what having kids does to my mind? :oops: I am not sure if I’m asking you these questions or myself.

I feel like I’m just rambling on. I can’t even remember what the point of this post is! Oh wait, I was counting to 10. So I must have had a moment of my patience being tested. Does this ever happen to you? You think about one thing, which leads you to another and so on. Until you are thinking or writing a short story 😄

I think I’ll regret this tomorrow but oh well. This writing my thoughts is so helpful. Even if they don’t make sense to you.



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