My First Bananagrams: Review

Have you heard of Bananagrams?

I haven’t until recently. I noticed another rockin homeschool Mom from We Do What Works used them for her kiddos. I thought, “Brilliant!” What better way to help your children learn to sound out words and spell easier. Why is it easier? Because it is fun! That is what it is all about. Kids learn so much better when they are having fun.

With My First Bananagrams you are able to utilize the lower case and upper case letters for your preschooler and kindergartner. There is so much you can use it for in your homeschool journey. We started off with the instructions that it came with. You start by laying all the tiles face down. Each player will then take 15 single letter tiles. Whoever is chosen to go first comes up with a word. Then each turn someone builds a word onto the first one played, and so on. Whoever uses all of their tiles first, wins! That is the beginners game. There is also an advanced players game for kids who are past the single letter sounds. The combo letter tiles are used during the advanced game.

To get a better understanding of the tiles, here is a break down. 

  • 80 Single Letter Tiles
  • 13 Combo Letter Tiles

The Combo letter Tiles included are vowel teams (ai), word families (an) and digraphs (ch). If you need more ideas for fun activities visit My First Bananagrams here.

My kids really enjoyed the beginners game. Since it was their first time using these, I have not moved on to the advanced game yet. My 5 year old is still learning sounds and how to put them together. He is even more excited to learn to read now. He prefers this over boring worksheets any day!

Last week we went to the library to stock up on some fun books. We read this entertaining pirate book and practiced our progressive phonics and added a game of Bananagrams. My son is noticing his letters sounds in the stories we read and even puts them together with ease now. I just love how is mind put it all together. So, you can use this as a fun family game, homeschool resource or anything you need it to be to fit your family. I am absolutely happy with My First Banangrams!

They also have many other games/activities to offer. I really want to try more. One in particular is Word-A-Melon. To check out My First Bananagrams and other awesomely fun games go to their website here. I hope you give them a chance. You will not be disappointed. You can take my word for it!

To keep up with Bananagrams like their page on Facebook! I am sure they will have some interesting activities to share and you might get lucky and get a discount!

Here is their main website—> BANANAGRAMS

What do you think? Would you want to try? My family loves word games and this is a perfect fit for us. Word power!

I received these products free in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. All opinions are my own. I alone have the rights to these words and expressions. I was not paid for my opinion.


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