4 Questions For A Homeschool Mom

Hello my friends!

Recently, a new friend asked me a few homeschool questions. I find it hard to answer them fully because my explanations are more in depth then a small conversation. There are so many details that run through my mind when anyone asks me about our homeschool life. So I thought I’d type up these questions here and do my best to answer them for anyone else that may be interested. 

I actually get nervous answering these kind of questions because in the past I would get funny looks and rude comments. I have tried harder to just not care and only worry about what I think is best for my children. Homeschooling is also an emotional journey. For me at least. 

What made you choose homeschooling?

Well, this is actually not a simple question. If a stranger asks me, I will just say, “It is just best for our family” or “My kids learn best at home.”

Since I don’t consider you all complete strangers, I don’t mind answering. First, I wasn’t comfortable with the school buses. My oldest daughter was hurt a few times and nothing was done about it. I also noticed she was struggling and each year it was Math. I felt that the teachers couldn’t giver her the time. Too many kids to help. She worked at a slower place which caused her to always be “behind.” Her self esteem plummeted and I felt helpless. I didn’t know how to help her. I wasn’t there!

At this time I had two kids in school. My second daughter went for a few months in Kindergarten. She was always anxious and worried. Both her and her sister were sick so much, they missed many days of school. Homeschooling was on my mind even more. I was at home with two other little ones. I had the time anyway.

So, that is basically why I decided to homeschool. The first year we deschooled and took a lot of time away from schoolwork. During that time I learned a lot and realized that education in public school is highly overrated. Children are only learning how to take tests. They are not being prepared for life.

This makes me so much more confident in my decision. I still worry that I’m not giving them enough but every day they prove me wrong. 

How do you keep your kids in activities with other peers?

This one is tough because I’m going to have to be more transparent. I have not had them join activities with other kids very often. Our life is quite different than others. There are co ops that families can join for involvement and learning outside of the home. Those aren’t for us. My children are around people of all ages and that has influenced them greatly. It is good for kids to learn to interact with older people as well as younger.

We use the library resources quite a bit. They have activities certain times a year. We have been to the museum with family and we have play dates with friends or sometimes a park run. Every family is different and so are their circumstances. My goal is to one day take them on a road trip and learn about the places we drive through. Like the Grand Canyon and Mount Rushmore. I hoped I answered that well enough.

How’s much does it cost to homeschool each year? 

I am pretty sure I have saved money since homeschooling. Some years I may have spent a bit more. I started out using all free resources. The only things we paid for was internet, paper, ink and pencils. There are so many websites and free printable a out there. Anyone can homeschool on a small budget. 

I do buy workbooks and reading books occasionally. Four kids times 10. So about $40-100 a year. If you buy a whole set curriculum you would spend anywhere from $100 on up….per kid! I couldn’t bring myself to do that knowing my kids change their interests so often. If you do want to buy a set be sure to know your child’s learning style before you choose. All kids really need are books, paper and pencils and lots of crafts and activities. 

Our typical day?

I am always hopeful that when I wake up each morning that it will run smoothly. I will make my coffee or tea (hopefully I’ll sneak out before baby wakes up). I will start breakfast and go over in my mind how I’ll work with the little ones while the big kids begin. Some days that happens. Most days are all over the place. I have no schedule. Not for lack of trying! 

Once breakfast is done, I scramble around tidying up because OCD. I will check my group notifications and then the baby gets fussy. So now it is his morning nap. I can’t start helping my 5 year old and that bums me out. He is so sweet and patient. I just have him play or do some learning games while he waits. I have everyone read and write while I’m getting little guy down for a nap. 

Are you tired yet? Okay, so baby is asleep. Shhh. There are dishes in the sink and it makes me a bit crazy. Ignore them. I try to help everyone work on there school work. Usually, questions come one after the other. Sometimes there are none. My oldest two daughters can work independently. They know how to research on the computer and they usually help with lunch time…because Mom is busy AGAIN. 

If I am lucky, everyone will have done something stimulating for their brains. I really don’t worry too much. This is why we learn all year round. Learning is in everything and it is everywhere. It isn’t always from a book. 

Well, I hope I have answered these questions well enough for you all to understand. Learning looks different for all families. Our life is busy with a baby…they are learning a lot about that. My 9 year old can change a diaper and get him to sleep. I promise I don’t make her Lol. She loves it and I’m grateful for the help. 

I bet next year will be entirely different. I’m sad and excited for the changes to come like always. Thank you for reading this far!

❤ Jessica

PS: Do you have any questions for me? If so, comment below or contact me! I’d love to hear from you.


2 thoughts on “4 Questions For A Homeschool Mom

  1. Michele says:

    I love the flexibility the child has to learning. These days there are so many restrictions and set standards. I know my child wants to learn more and loves to be creative on her learning style. She is going to be 15 in a few weeks and certainly does not want limitations on what she can and cannot learn. She loves her freedom to learn her way.

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