Book Review: Loving Her Scars

Loving Her Scars

Hello my friends! I am so excited to share my newest book review with you today. As you should know by now I love to read. Books are one of my favorite things. I do not have as many opportunities to read these days but I make time for it. It is important to do things that make you happy.

I was chosen to read “Loving Her Scars” By B.M. Griffin. This book is a paranormal romance. What gal doesn’t like a good romance? Added to this bittersweet romance is a twist of exciting paranormal action. I have always loved reading about fantasy since I was a little girl. From vampires and ghosts to werewolves and monsters. As an adult, I have came to appreciate the drama and details of a good story. “Loving Her Scars” does just that. You have the romance, some back story, a good plot and amazing characters!

It took me some time to get started with this story because I had to put it down to take care of my baby. Honestly, it would have taken me one day to finish it. I enjoyed it very much. The only problem I had with it? I didn’t want it to end! Will there be another one? You have to buy this book and find out for yourself! You will not regret it. If it weren’t worth it, I wouldn’t encourage you to do so. Read below for the books description:

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 Shayla’s scars run deeper than those on her body. Being beaten by a man you loved can do that to you. Shayla barely survived her first love, Eric. He left her broken and scarred in more ways than one. Her best friend Adam is the only man she has been able to trust since. Friends since childhood, Adam has been in love with Shayla for as long as he can remember. He couldn’t save her from Eric, but he is determined never to fail her again. There’s just one little thing she doesn’t know—Adam is a werewolf. Shayla gets sucked into a world of werewolves and finds herself opening up to Adam’s love, but there is one alpha wolf who threatens to take it all away. If they are going to survive they’ll need to come together to fight for each other and their pack. Can Shayla find the strength to leave her past behind and fight for the future she wants, or will she hide and lose herself to the pain all over again?”

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Bonnie Griffin, known as Author B.M. Griffin, lives in the small town of Richlands, North Carolina with her husband and two daughters. She has been successful in the business world, obtaining her Business Management Associate’s Degree from Miller-Motte College, and becoming a highly successful Branch Manager in the financial industry. Now Bonnie is pursuing her Master’s degree in Creative Writing at Southern New Hampshire University as she works on making her dream of being a writer a reality; a dream she has desired since she was only ten years old.

Bonnie grew up in a broken home where reading became an outlet and a sanctuary.  It was this sanctuary that led to her desire to create fantasies for others to enjoy in the hopes of creating worlds that readers could use for their own escapes just as she had growing up.

Bonnie has an avid imagination and loves creating new worlds, creatures, species, and bringing them together through action and most of all, love. Her first novel, “Loving Her Scars”, is a Paranormal Romance that is sure to capture readers’ hearts and pull them into a wonderful world full of fantasy.

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Did you enjoy this book review? Tell me what you think and comment below. Keep your eye out for my next book review coming soon! Have a blessed day ya’ll!

**Hi there, I received a copy of this book free for my honest and unbiased review. There also may be some affiliate links. Thanks!**


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