Happy Eternal Mother’s Day

To my Mother


I love you Mom…

So much I have inside me, that I want to say. I love you with an unconditional love that can’t be explained. Only can it be shown in all the memories imprinted in my brain and etched into my heart like initials in a cypress tree.

Image result for etched heart in tree drawing


 I will never be able to express my true depth of love for you Mother. I want to give you the world like you have given me life. I hold back much. Good and bad…that’s no good. You deserve more than that. I admire you. Strength, stubbornness, responsibility, discipline, giving, and so much more.


These are just words…my eyes and heart can explain more. Only meant for you to decipher it. No matter the time and miles apart…there’s this place deep inside of me that carries you around with me. Day by day….the little things that are actually really big.

I see you. When I glance in the mirror, when I laugh, and when I say a certain word or phrase. I think about how lucky I am you are still on this Earth. Can you see I’m counting my blessings? Every single day. The big ones and the tiny…the ones in between.

So I wish I could give you more but all I have is me. My eternal daughterly, forever kind of love. The kind that can never be broken…but can make you feel like you’re heartbroken. This is what I look forward to? It’s almost painful.


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