Summertime Blues

May is almost over and that means summer vacation is just around the corner. Kids will be everywhere. Not just at my house. During the week when I go to the grocery store, run my errands or take my kids to the park there will be kids, everywhere. Kids hollering and yelling outside my door. Kicking their soccer ball against my house. Lovely summer vacation! I really don’t mind other kids, honestly I don’t. It is just a little more crowded at the park that’s all.

Do you remember me mentioning that I homeschool? We do not learn just a few months out of the year and say “okay we are done, lets put our brains on the back burner for three months”! Learning shouldn’t and does not stop. So my kids gripe and complain sometimes because they think they don’t get a real summer vacation. Trust me they do! We just take the learning outside. One day they will thank me 🙂

Some of our summer plans include a homemade slip n slide, tending our garden, the Tellus Science Museum, learning about nature, the bees, wasps and birds. AND maybe even camping. So you see there are endless possibilities when it comes to learning all year round. One day my children will come to understand that.

I am surely looking forward to this summer vacation time; More sun, more moving and learning. I believe they learn more in the months from June to August. When they are the most relaxed and having fun. That is the key!

I will be extra busy this summer personally. Putting everything I can into growing a couple small business ventures. One is with Jewelry In Candles and the other is selling handmade soap. I look forward to both growing in the next few months. Please come by and see what JIC is all about.

**I am no longer a Jewelry In Candles Rep**


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