Soapbox: Paraben Free Soap

Hello on this cold Sunday afternoon! It is a new year and back to the “normal” life after all the busyness and fun. Finally getting this review up and I am so glad I took my time with it because this company deserves a great and honest review from me. The Soapbox team sent me some great soap products from their Elements line. I like to really give something new some time to try before I begin writing a review. This one has taken me longer than usual because of the holidays. I am very excited to share this with you!

The picture above shows what I received. Tea&Ginger hand soap, Hibiscus body wash, Hibiscus bar and Tea&Ginger bar. My favorite smell is the Tea&Ginger. My family is really into soap products and only natural ones will do…momma says! I do my best to keep the healthiest soaps and products in our home. So you can probably see why I am so excited to review and share this with you.

The first one I opened was the hand wash. I absolutely loved it. The smell was pleasant and not too fragrant. A very good sign of its natural properties. When washing my hands it lathered up nicely. I have always had problems with my hands drying out. As much as I wash them it becomes a real painful issue. This Tea&Ginger hand wash seemed to not dry them out. As you can see above, I still have some of this left. It really lasts awhile.

Second up was the Hibiscus body wash. I am going to be honest. I wasn’t quite sure if I liked the smell. It has grown on me though. It is very different from what I usually buy: lavender, tea tree and lemon grass are my favorite smells. My husband and kids have tried it as well and seem to really like it. The husband is hooked and already asking me to order more. His response is, “It is thick, lathers well, smells good and one squirt lasts through shower time.” There are six people in our family and it says a lot about a soap that can last long than a week here. Everyone is pretty happy with it.

Tea&Ginger and Hibiscus Bars

Both of these bars are pretty great! They leave you feeling very fresh and clean. I haven’t had any issues with it myself. I usually do not use bar soap unless it is handcrafted locally. Commercial bar soap will leave a residue on your skin and causes me so much skin irritation. I had none of those problems using it. The bar lathers very well and last a long time. The one shown above has been used already and I have one in the shower. Both have been opened for a couple weeks. We use these generally for the face. I do not recommend using Tea&Ginger on your face if you have dry skin or any sores because it may burn. That was the issue. I think that overall these soaps are fantastic and I look forward to purchasing more.


Before I wrap up this review I would like to explain to you what my favorite thing is about Soapbox. I bet you have been wondering why they put Soap=Hope on each of their products. For every product they sell, a bar of soap or a month of clean water is donated to someone in need. This really caught at my heart strings. Each soap product has a code for you to enter on their website. It is so simple to help in this way. You are going to buy for yourself anyway. Why not at Soapbox

Check out their story here ——->

**I received this product free for my honest and unbiased review**


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