Where does the Time go??

So here I am! 

Yea I know it has been a whole month since I have posted my wonderfulness 😀 Here is the problem: I have four kids and we all are fighting over my only lap top. We do have tablets and such but for some reason when Mom is ready to type away all the children want to play!

I will just blabber about whatever comes to mind. Hmmm. We have been pretty busy, or shall I say I have been busy. My youngest had croup and I was pretty worried. I did the research and bought all my natural remedies and fixed him right up. I didn’t even need a doctor. I try my best to do all I can before I take that measure. Really, I mean if us Mother’s had more confidence in ourselves than we could do so much more for our children. We are their mothers right? We have instincts. I am not saying never take your kid to the doctor. They are here for a reason but we are perfectly capable of handling a lot more than we are given credit for. 

**Want to know what I used to help my baby boy get better? Comment below and I will share!**

Not too many exciting things happening in our home this October. Getting through the weeks with daily chores, homeschool, meals, errands and extra outings keep me busy. My oldest daughter has been doing fantastic with her writing. She writes almost daily. She prefers made up stories. Since it is Halloween month she has written a “scary” story. So far she has 7 chapters done. Six of which have been published on Story Bird

If your child loves to write I highly recommend that site. I was having a hard time helping her expand her mind and giving her ideas. Story Bird does just that. By using pictures it helps give ideas to start writing. So now she cannot stop. She hogs my computer every day! Proud and annoyed all at once here haha! So give it a look. Oh did I mention that it is FREE? I will rarely share something like this that isn’t.

***If you would like to read her stories, her username is k2kPhantom.***

Oh! I did forget one exciting thing. My husband surprised the kids with a Kitten 3 weeks ago. They were so surprised. Something my oldest has been waiting for since she was just a toddler. We have lived in apartments or homes where animals have not been aloud. Well, now I have a cat added to the mix. One positive thing about my oldest child having to wait so long for her first pet is the appreciation and responsibility she has learned to have. By the time a kid is 10 years old, as long as you are teaching and showing them right, he/she knows what to do; with proper guidance of course.

Well that is it for now. Back to my mom duties. I really have to manage my time more! That will have to wait for another blog post 😀 Happy Friday friends!


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