Lap-book Learning

I have homeschooled for almost 3 years now. That really isn’t a long time I know. I started this blog to help others as well as myself. So I can stay in the game and be accountable. I have tried many different learning/teaching methods. First I tried free homeschool websites like Easy Peasy, which I love by the way! But it doesn’t matter what I like when it come’s to my children’s learning. I have had to really mix things up. 

For example, in Math my oldest daughter will practice her multiplication on the computer by playing games and then the next day I will give her a worksheet to see how she is doing. Another example: my middle child wants to learn more about sharks. I go online to Kid’s National Geographic and we read about the different types and watch a video. Later, I find a lap book about sharks that we can put together.

Getting to the point of this post….Lap-books! I have known of these for awhile now but in the beginning of my homeschool adventures, lap-books seemed kind of intimidating to me. Really, it all was at first. The very first lap-book I made was just a simple alphabet book for my youngest daughter. Once I finished it I was pretty excited and proud.

It definitely could be better. I was just lost for ideas at the time. The flash cards would be better laminated. The best part was having my daughter decorate it with her foam stickers 🙂

My oldest loves animals! Well all my kids really. She grabbed a book from the library about horses and I printed out her lap-book pages and she got to work right away. She had facts to read about horses and much more. I even caught her looking up more information to finish it up. Not only has this benefited her but it will also be very helpful to her siblings. 

So here is the cover. We used a double lap-book for this one. I did not do it the same as Creative Learning Fun, did. I am not sure how she did hers. 

Here is her website where you can download it free, All About Horses. I hope you enjoyed today’s post. If you would like to learn more or have any questions leave a comment below.

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