Sunday Morning Coffee

You get up fairly early in the morning. Start the coffee pot and hope you get at least 30 minutes to yourself. Taking in the aroma of the coffee and opening up the portals of your mind…you here the pitter patter of tiny foot steps coming toward you. Hair sticking up on the top of his little sweet head, sleepy eyes and little arms reaching up to you. I love his morning hugs and even those sweet morning breath kisses. His little voice low saying, “Mommy I tirsty.” Before I can get my first cup of coffee it is time to tend to the little one. I reach for the Spiderman cup and he says, “Mommy I am hungry.” His voice is louder now. Time to make breakfast. The girls will be up soon. 

Everyone wants cereal. Fine by me. Have you realized yet that I don’t do mornings? My mind has still not woken up. Oldest child spills milk all over table. This is when she forgets how to clean up. But it’s okay. I got this. Count to ten….done. Getting the dishes done now. Such a monotonous task. Small messy haired child says he is done. As I gather up cereal bowls I noticed he forgot to mention his little mess. Well gosh child thanks for believing that Momma has this! Always something to clean up. Counting again…

It’s Sunday morning and I have a list of things to do. This is my day to prepare myself for the new week ahead. Cleaning, meal planning (well my attempt at it) and figuring out what we will learn this week. I make a list and hope to check off each thing before the day is over. Instead of cleaning one room at a time, I try to do everything at once. Everything looks messier than when I started. “Oh well.” I clean and organize and the kids do chip in here and there. I like to give them their freedom on Sunday.

 They choose to write stories and make a book. Right now they are looking for portals to another universe. This other universe is where dragons live. They have to figure out how to open these portals so they can be the first to discover these magnificent creatures. A combination of Minecraft and the movie, How to Train Your Dragon. I love these kids. I want to be just like them when I grow up. Unfortunately, I already did. So who learned something today? Mommy did. She learned a little more patience in the morning, she stopped what she was doing and enjoyed her kids playing in their own world. A world that most of us have forgotten since we “grew up.” 

Not everything on my Sunday list got checked off. It never really goes as planned. But that’s okay. Tomorrow is another day. I finished most of the cleaning, did a little writing, fed the family and enjoyed the rest of our evening outside. Sometimes a plan, “our” plan isn’t the best one but at least I used my time for them. Because at the end of the day what is most important is them. They remind me every day that life really is that simple. We just make it difficult for ourselves. So, enjoy the time you have with your kids before they grow up and make a family of their own. 

I hope you all had a wonderful, time well spent weekend! Don’t forget to enjoy the moment with those little ones. Here’s to a new week!

❤ Jessica


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